Salaams from Madame Ssenga … :D:D





how old is she by the way?

You need to f’ck this woman so you can stop wanking to her pictures

Let’s put it this way …
She is old and skilled enough to teach you a myriad of life lessons … :D:D

Every time you post your obnoxious drivel , you expose your raging backward Juvenile fantasies …

Desist and Resist those impulses … :D:D:D

and you…by bombarding the village with hippos show your forward mature fantasies? Keep your wanking material to yourself:D

More filters than a coffee pot.

si unapenda haka kachura

This is so far , a free expression platform …










Rest assured you will be seeing MORE of this material … :D:D:D

Can You even begin to compare Her to those Grannies , Hoodrats and CBD Roadkill that you are so fond of … ??? :D:D:D






Me? I’m fond of grannies and hoodrats? Since when?

Take a long look into those Eyes …
Tell me what You see … :D:D:D