Sakayo to sell KICC, National Oil, KCC, Kenya Seed

Tunajua the buyers. Kenya Kwisha.

Watu wamekasirika sana na hio maneno.


Nothing new. Uhuru tried to expose him but you rejected his advice.

Gachagua who supported him as a share holder is isolated fighting for survival.

Rao is focusing in garnering his support for AU job.

Parliament is impotent clamoring for his spoon-feeding crumbs from left overs.

Wanjiku is castrated by hunger.

The thief is enjoying his exploits like fish thrown in water… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Haitaki hasira life

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Niuziwe parastatal moja. Where do we submit the bid?

Ama Kuna majamaa Fulani wanataka National oil na Kenya pipeline, then wataanza kutuambia venye they are helping this country?

Niliwaambia the orgre will eat the children and himself. Let me look for that high IQ analogy I created when everyone was thanking God for the miracle called Bottoms up

Namunga mkono wakifuata sheria

Gava has no business running business

Opposition for the sake of opposition haina maana

Your message is take less serious if you are unreasonable

Privatization, low taxes are my bywords

KUMAanisha soodi and murkomeno will be the new owners of kicc , mbirrionare manaba sooodi is enjoying life after ‘inventing’ something and selling it for trillions

The deals , they will not hear him speak fluent engrish, they will see him :green_emoji: