Sakaja tells gachagua fak you beetch


Gachagua akuwe mpole bana. He is becoming too loud too soon. Na hii mambo ya kusema kikuyu this, Kikuyu that aache. He is now a national leader, and not a nondescript Kikuyu politician from the upcountry.

Gachagua should be seriously investing in PR, or at least to appear like a nationalist for the sake of his career progression.

Ama nabii is setting him up:D:D You know you can’t trust them politicians.

Sakaja hafai, nasisitiza.

Hapa nishawaambia mara mingi sakaja is a chief goon…chezeni na yeye kwa makini

Tuliwaambia huyu msee ni chokosh mkakataa kuskia. But of course nabii anampenda because he can steal money well and can be easily influenced.

Unless the President has promised to support Sakaja, he needs to tread carefully. The central ‘business association’ can make life very difficult for him.

I doubt that the Central Business Association can thrive in a chaotic Nairobi.

[SIZE=7]Sonko Sides With Gachagua, Threatens to Lead Sakaja’s Impeachment[/SIZE]
[li]By GEOFFREY LUTTA on 27 December 2022[/li][/ul]

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja risks being impeached following his latest policy directives in the running of the city that led to a back-and-forth with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Speaking on Monday, December 26, former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko accused the incumbent governor of ignoring the needs of residents and disrespecting the second in command.

He attributed Sakaja’s success in clinching the Nairobi gubernatorial seat to efforts from DP Gachagua who wooed the vote-rich Mt Kenya region to vote in his favour.

Defending his sentiments, Sonko stated that Sakaja’s decision to relocate long-distance public service vehicles (PSV) from the Central Business District (CBD) was detrimental to matatu owners and other entrepreneurs.
A Collage of Johnson Sakaja and Matatus in the Nairobi CBD

Sonko, who was barred from vying for Mombasa gubernatorial by the Supreme Court, further accused Sakaja of punishing Nairobi traders by ordering the closure of bars and entertainment joints in residential areas.

The former governor maintained that Sakaja ought to respect members of the county assembly’s decision to squash his decision to shut down noisy clubs in Nairobi residential areas.

To send him home, Sonko threatened to collect impeachment signatures from Nairobi electorates.

“If Sakaja continues to harass Nairobi business people we will mobilise people and send him home. We can also make the city ungovernable for him and finally send him home just like the first governor,” Sonko stated.

At the same time, Sonko accused Sakaja of disloyalty to the United Democratic Alliance and its party leaders.

"Governor Sakaja is working with and helping people who never helped him to power. He is disloyal to UDA and its leadership,” he insisted.

Frosty relationship

Sonko’s sentiments came just days after Gachagua accused Sakaja of sabotaging Mt Kenya business people by diverting PSVs operations from Nairobi CBD to Green Park Terminus.

Gachagua called out the first-time governor, asking him to protect the businessmen who voted him in.

“We are the ones who chose him. I’m the one who directed some voters to support him. Some decisions that he makes and are likely to spoil businesses in Nairobi, we must sit with him and agree on them,” Gachagua stated.

“We don’t want to move with such speed. Any decision to remove matatus will not be allowed; that is not possible. I don’t want to disturb the traders,” he added.


However, in a rebuttal, Sakaja affirmed that the status quo in the county would remain the same.

“There are certain things we cannot compromise on…it is about a stand, sticking to it and providing leadership,” he stated during a past Citizen TV interview.

arap Koskei. Blood is thicker than water.



@Riggy G atulie ama waende fellowship na “pastor” Dorcas

Sakaja is too popular to be pushed over.

Gachagua is a foolish cow

As an assmio fanatic Niko na popcorn nikigonjea katembeee. Mimi nitakuwa nikishangilia wakimalisana.

Yenye iko na mimba.

sonko anarudia kiti cha ugava kanairo, sakaja akae dp uchaguzi ujao.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja is facing yet another hurdle in his role as the city’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

This follows a one-month ultimatum from a section of Members of the Nairobi County Assembly (MCAs) demanding an explanation from the governor regarding his criteria for the appointment of officials to various county departments.

The MCAs led by the Leader of the Minority in the Assembly, Anthony Kiragu, stated that the governor disregarded party position in the appointments and failed to involve them in the process.

The MCAs accused Sakaja of favouring the Azimio la Umoja Coalition in his appointments hence casting doubts over his loyalty to the Kenya Kwanza Coalition which sponsored him to the position during the August 9 polls.
Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja

As such, the ward representatives called for a fresh round of appointments in one month’s time to ensure that the composition of Nairobi County’s executive reflects the face of Kenya Kwanza.

“We have given him just one month so that he can realign his appointments.
Let him reach out to the party leadership and apologise for what he has done and rectify. The party mobilised voters in Nairobi who believed in him because he used the UDA flag,” Minority Chief Whip, Mark Ronaldo Mugambi told The Nation.

The demands from Kenya Kwanza MCAs came a day after former Governor Mike Sonko sounded a warning to Sakaja, accusing him of ignoring the needs of Nairobi residents.

Sonko cited the move by Sakaja to declare a crackdown on all nightclubs in residential areas and his proposal to have long-distance vehicles evicted from the central business district.
“If Sakaja continues to harass Nairobi business people we will mobilise people and send him home. We can also make the city ungovernable for him and finally send him home just like the first governor,” the former governor stated on Monday, December 26.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua had also expressed his reservations about the plans to reorganize the city, arguing that it was a threat to the business opportunities of the electorate.

However, a section of elected leaders from Western Kenya came to the defence of Sakaja dismissing the threats levelled against him.

Punguza bangi kijana. Sonko kuwa governor Nairobi tena ni ndoto


Huyo mshenzi sonko asikue governor nairobi.He brought more trouble than good in the city