Sakaja OUT, Igathe should be SWORN in as Unopposed Governor NOW


Ogopa deep state. Walipea sakaja a long rope to hang himself but jinga haikuona hivyo.

It was a well coordinated and lethal plot.

ATI alisomea Ukraine, na university was bombed:D:D:D:D:D
Kenyan politics is the longest running comedy show since independence:D:D:D

Igathe cleans public toilets in Nairobi CBD. Amesema Nairobians will have the cleanest toilets in the world. Igathe anafanya kazi buana.

We’re going to elect someone for making a show of relating to the common man. Igathe is just a white collar version of Sonko. Akiingia huko the same folks who voted for him will start crying.

He cannot dismantle the cartels that put him there in the first place…But at least he is articulate and professional enough to pretend that he is doing so while soothing the ego of his constituents.

Wakati atakuwa gava atakuwa m2 tofauti…Anyway lets wait n C.

He is much, much better than Sakaja.

Tutamuangusha asubuhi

Mnaangusha nani and by the look of things ni kama atakua elected unopposed??

Basi tutamfanya a resign the first week

Well, here is another juvenile with their wild theories.

Isn’t that what has been happening all along since independence?

Uhuru anakunywa chai Kwa kibanda,anachoma nyama Kenyatta market,and bonobos who can’t afford school fees wake up at 1 am to vote for him 3 times coz he’s down to earth

The biggest thief in Kenya political history,calls himself a hustler

Azimio hawataki fair ground.


Huyu conman is now blaming our dear president Uhuru like all tangatangas do when they break the law. Jinga kabisa. Arap Koskei just shut up and go back home to Mt Elgon. We dont want thugs and liars, frauds as leaders hapa Nairobi


Kura kwa wajakoya… problem is Kenyans are allergic to truth they abhor it

Igathe alisomea nini, iyo inakaa BA

Kura kwa Harman