Sakaja is dumb af
dummy gets an opportunity to capture hearts and minds instead he speaks some dumb shit…

Sakaja hafai. injury to rogue municipal council askaris is injury to satan.

Sakaja is dumb.
Water is wet.


The challenges associated with electing a slayqueen

Does he have powers to order such? He wants Kanjo to continue harassing nairobians? Bure kabisa

Why do Kenyans accept to be molested and brutalized by police, kanjos etc? Why can’t we stand up against this? I felt so bad seeing the way police beat up people during the COVID period


The same way they let panjeets, China-men, and wazungus to mistreat them and call them names in their own country. Kenyans act submissive and docile to people they perceive to have any form of authority.

The only thing Kenyans defend is illicit promiscuous sex and corruption.

Villager @PERDITION alipigwa mijeledi iyo wakati akapiga mayowe na soprano


Niko na bass kama ya ndume 10 za kimbaruya


Kuna mtaa kanjo hawawezi leta hio upus… locals will gang up on them and beat their azz. And recording in a piblic space si kuvunja sheria… Sakaja is a bimbo.


This is the problem with going to school but not getting an education.

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Governors have NIL legistlative powers

City By-Laws are easily contested and defeated in Courts …
Especially if they conflict with the established Law of the Land …

His Legal Department should have already advised him accordingly … :blush:


Nkt. Bollocks

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Sakaja is as thick as a rhino foeskin

Just the bitch he is

several people told us how they voted for this idiot coz of dimples… ghasi wao.

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