Sakaja covid19, Kamenuka!

Sakaja resigns as chair of Senate team on COVID-19 [ATTACH=full]314847[/ATTACH]

He is trying to cleanse his image but we know it’s too late.
If he REALLY wants to do that let him resign as Senator.

Resigning as senator is taking it too far.

There you go.

His image will be ruined by one petty incident (that nobody outside twitter knows about)? Wacheni upuzi, Babu shot a man on camera na bado he’s as popular as ever…

You didn’t get my point. I meant that he is trying to show us he is different from the usual African politicians who never resign out of principle.
Well, he ain’t.

He will be forced to resume that duty soon

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, however, vowed that the Senate would reject Sakaja’s resignation as he defended him over the drama.
“As the senate we shall not accept Johnson Sakaja’s resignation. Being found in a bar past time is equivalent to forgetting to put on a mask while eating.I stand with my distinguished cousin,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet moments after Sakaja made the announcement.

Picha pichaaaa pichaaaa AAA. Or

yes the hypocrisy hapo ndio shida, if one is principled as he wants us to believe he should go all the way - hizi ni pr gimmicks tu.

Alcohol and Leadership is incompatible. This is the Senator of the Capital City…Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.
He’s tainted vibaya sana with his recent actions kwa maoni yangu.