Sakaja bans Tūgeeges from hawking in town!

It goes back to what I was saying. The cost of operating formally is prohibitive by design. The crooks must eat. They make it so that you require a billion licenses (going from one office to the other like a headless chicken looking for makaratasi), have to pay gazillions of shillings in taxes, and on top of all this they still make you part with kitu kidogo every week.

As a result, people opt to stay informal. The same gov’t gets pissed because they’re no longer able to collect taxes but unbeknownst to them, they’re the same people who make it difficult for people to run formal operations. Omwafrika never learns. We’re the laughingstock of the world.

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Wueh, I thought I was talking to PHARMACY. Hii ktalk mpya itabaki kuwa meffi tu

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We always compare Kenya to Rwanda in cleanliness. We must have clean cities/ towns. Machokoraa pia watafutiwe concentration camps wavutie glue na kukondolea macho huko.

Sakaja usilegeze Kamba.