Sakaja bans Tūgeeges from hawking in town!

Na vile tugege tulipanga raini kuangucha Igaze ndio washague hustler mwensao…

Life is unfair…

Atapatana na hawkers kwa ballot 2027 si mbali, tukaumira tene turute sakaja

Burukenge flower boy. yapping away.

Life is OK, it’s people who are stupid. In fact, out of 5 people you know, 4 have zero common sense. It’s the 4 who shout loudest, and elect strange and clueless characters, just to show you wamekushinda, without understanding that the real competition is between values, good and evil, not between one country’s citizens.
If evil wins, you all lose.


Toa taka taka tao

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One of Kenya’s greatest issues is that it’s largely an informal economy where everything runs in the background - away from gov’t scrutiny and interference. That’s why we have unlicensed crooks running all sorts of businesses in Nairobi from unhealthy food products to subpar construction equipment etc etc. In such an informal economy, there’s no record of where the crooks are.

This is a great step towards formalizing the economy. The problem is that we have an incapable administration that can’t guarantee fully functional infrastructure, ease of licensing in gov’t offices, etc etc.

On the one hand, the gov’t wants to formalize the economy but it’s full of crooks and on the other hand, citizens know this so they’d just rather live in the shadows. This is the duality of the Kenyan society.



Watu wafungue only fans waache kuzebea. Why butn yourself in the sun when you could be enjoying in your bedroom

Which books have you been reading mdau, I could use them-assuming ive just known how to read… Some wisdom in your posts!

Umeongea Kikuyu mob sana hapo. Wewe si mkamba

Hehe, I’ll take the compliment. Wisdom is everywhere, I’ll give you a clue. I’m that odd guy you will sometimes catch flipping through ‘strange’ old books sold for 50 bob on the street–so, it’s OK to say Hi, I won’t misunderstand you, hehe.
But if you never read anything else, buy a Bible, and read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Everything about everyday life is there.

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Good job governor. Wamejaa Kila mahali hata hawezi tembea poa. We are fixing the handshake

Good Job kwanza Tom Mboya inakaa Muthurwa

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Nani alikwambia mimi ni mkamba?
Ndi mugikuyu karing"a kuuma Kangocho, mathīra kuuria Nyìrī

My point is Kuna green park terminus, it’s empty since itengenezwe, sakaja should fill in the hawkers there…I think it’s a better place for them juu tao atleast itakuwa Organized.

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Tugege ni nyanyako, for how long will you push that narrative, kura ya hawkers ndio ilimuingisha hapo? Try reasoning kidogo

Meza wembe.
Tūgeege ni Tūgeege tu.
Mbūra matū

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Very true.

After Ruto was declared the fifth president there are some boda boda guys who celebrated and danced the night away. Walipiga kelele mingi sana wakisema hawawezi pigia jaluo ataharibu nchi, sasa tumeshinda, yeye na uhuru wakwende huko, tunataka kijana anaelewa shida za mwananchi wa kawaida… :grin: :grin:

Less than two months later they told me “Ni kubaya heri Uhuru”.


It’s a steep, shocking and pain-filled learning curve (to the naive, coz we darn well warned them, right here–but who listens to those who speak softly?).
One can only hope that the lessons will not be forgotten in four years. They say it’s easy to be wise on hindsight. Put another way, experience is the best teacher, but she kills all her students.

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True but the cost of becoming formal and operating as a formal business is high so people are forced to remain informal or semi formal