Saint Magufuli

A real Saint …

Rest in Peace , Mhe: Dr: John Pombe Magufuli ***


Hehehe Asshole. John Pombe.

Never liked this guy but one thing for sure he didn’t sellout his country , I wonder if he was alive what is happening in serengeti would be happening now !

Praise him for his anti west resource theft. But he was actually starting to introduce tribalism in tz by packing his cabinet with his tribes men.

Yep hapo alikuwa anawa peleka njia mbaya !

An honest pan African

Pan African my foot. He exported most Agricultural products to Kenya but confiscated Kenyan cargo at the border. Kwanza Perishables zilikua zinaekwa hadi Traders started calling out Uhunye to intervene. Primitive thinker at a strategic level.

Kwanza kuchoma day old chicks kwa border

You think food and drugs administration is child’s play kama kuingia kwa busaa den na kuokota mrija? Importation of unverified and non- quarantined food and drug items has the potential of wiping out entire crop plantations ir animal populationsthrough the introduction of pests and other pathogens. Govts that know what they are doing would seldom allow the importation of such especially in living form. There is a good reason why EU for examples restricts what they allow in. However, I understand your background since you have grown up in an era where govt officials treat our country as a dumping ground for everything. Kenya ni kama malaya mwenye hana panty. Kila MTU anaweza mwaga ndani.