Saii mki vie for presidency mnahakikisha mko na 2 kingpins - one in every camp

That’s the solution to hii Bullshit. Mnakua kama Waluhya ama Wakikuyu in this election. If either side wins, mko represented.

And to make it even better, mnahakikisha votes ni 50 - 50.

But one thing though don’t make a mistake of not having a kingpin like Turkanas or Pokots etc. You’ll be taken for granted.

We the mountaineers are the most sought after people in Kenya ,wanatutafuta

Anyone who deliberately ignores or through miscalculation misses the mountain votes will be treading on dangerous ground as far as his/her journey to the house on the hill is concerned. Thus we purpose to remain as an intact undivided block and ensure that we get the second most powerful post in case one of us is not aiming for the top post, in every subsequent elections.

This union with Kalenjins won’t last forever.
The time when Kalenjins will make a coalition with Luos, Luhyas and Luos, the mountain won’t have the numbers.

The mountain is politically mature. It will always be the point of reference


Mudavadi has been in government since 1989. That is a good 33 years. In powerful positions to boot. These include Minister of Finance, Local Government, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and now as Chief Cabinet Secretary.

How has that trickled down to his Maragoli people? Nada. Nothing.

It’s only him, his family, close relatives that have benefitted and stand to benefit.

Kenyans need to stop being myopic and reevaluate how they elect their leaders.

sioni wajaluo munalia nini,

Raila was an executive Prime Minister/co-President for 5 years . 2007-2012

Raila was in the Kanu 90s govt as a Minister -5 years , same time Moi had several Luo ministers - 97-2001

Raila was a powerful Minister in the Narc govt - 5 years 2002-2007

Rao was a Powerful man in the handshake govt 2017 -2022

Rao has practically been in govt since 1997 sijui munalia nini, if ni maendeleo alitaka kuleta basi alileta na kama hakuleta then hata akiwa President mara ya pili after 2007 ataletaje ?

This is why people really need to focus on devolution, their counties and governors.

They are bound to have more impact at the grassroots level. This will affect their lives more on a daily basis than the President at the national level.

When you really look at it, for people in mashinani, governors are really powerful people. They’re more within reach to the people to express their aspirations and have them realized than at the national level.

Mimi Nangoja My uncle Mudavadi atuletee wheelbarrow making factory hapa Mbale

factory zitakuwa sabatia :D:D

And what are they waiting for to unite and alienate the mountain? I know you are a strong proponent of 41 against 1 like your senile demented tingod Raira Ojinga but you may die before seeing that

The constitution says tribal parties are illegal.To a certain extent this election was peaceful because most tribes were divided between the two major parties or coalitions.That is a low hanging fruit we should enforce.Tribal parties are sourcez of violence.

Mt. Kenya is Agikuyu, Ameru, Aembu, Mbeere tribes that have come together to form a cartel.
Power will never be out of Mt. Kenya for the foreseeable future. Even if a politician decides to run against the mafia, he will still lose because there’ll be some pockets in the country that will support the candidate of their favor.

Another fact that led to Raila’s loss is failure by his supporters to turn out in large numbers and vote.
But Mt. Kenya people do. As was the case in 2017 where people were transported in large numbers to go and vote.
And until Uhuru, they have had one kingpin that they all heed. Raila called on his people to vote, only for them to fail to show up and others protesting his decisions on party issues. If there ever was focus, people should’ve voted first and then iron out differences later. That’s how power does things.
Ruto literally snatched Keter’s UDA ticket and gave it to someone else. The aggrieved kalenjins never went against their kingpin though. They turned up very early and in large numbers to vote.
Others became comfortable that there was no way Raila can lose and never bothered to change their polling stations to where they reside and then vote. Just textbook laziness.

Until others get it right, Mt. Kenya will be eating as you swallow. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth.