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From inbox:
Hi @Captain284 , I need some advice from you. Recently my girlfriend has been receiving too many calls during very odd hours of the night. She has also been coming home very late saying that she was at a team building meeting at work.
I called her boss and he said they’ve not had any such meeting for the past month. so yesterday when she said she was going for a team building meeting I followed her on my motorbike, after two blocks a guy stopped his car hugged her and opened his car door for her. I was watching all that from a distance so they wouldn’t see me.
When they finally drove off I tried to start my bike to follow them but it couldn’t start. what could the problem be? The clutch ? Engine? Petrol? Plug? I’m so worried about my bike.

@introvert start. Maybe it’s the kirangashafuti or sakamusova.

or hio pikipiki ikaona sio wewe pekee uko na monopoly ya ujinga

Have you checked the fuel lines?

check fuel pump…

Kamuti. Is the girl @vuja de 's cousin.

when did you last change your spark plug?

hii story imekuwa interwebs tangu ni circumcise by the river in 1998 .

alpha chieth muteso niaje

Umepunguza kinyesi ya last year kichwani

umetoka huko TESO ulikuwa umeenda christmas

kijana ni njanuary huna pesa ya fuel

Hii story nilisoma wakati @uwesmake alikuwa bado villager

Check the fuel gauge

Hii story @PepoPunda alianika huku kitabo sana

ushajua mbna fuata?ngoja nyagau umpe msomo proper

team building ya kuma…ditch the bitch already.

Hiyo pikipiki (Nduthi) iko na ED…aka Erectile Disfunction!

That motorbike too has a hand in the affair my fren

Alingurumisha the wrong nduthi.

Hii ng’ombe ilienda refill.
2018 itakuwa refu.