Saidieni kijana ya 2003

Be a great cook & selection ya movies & drinks.

Invite girls, chakula tamu, kamovie & drinks, bam. Make you move.
Will work 60% of the time.

i think u should not worry,how u think u should get laid is not the reality.

read a book about whatever u r learning n understand it very well.also learn some skills,i had a laptop n i practiced some things.dress simple but smart.budget the small money u have usilale njaa.

dont be talkative or show off.

to me the above things got me the finest,am not sure if they r the only things.

i said u read a book because one time lec randomly chose me to xplain something after explaining it a million times n the whole room was not getting it.i was tensed abit but i had just read a good book n i explained it in a simple way,even calculated on the white board.since then all the ladies started throwing themselves at me n…

but to date,i win by remaining silent.i dont know y that works.kutulia tu.i guese ladies r hunters bwana,wanajifanya tu

Frankly, it depends on you. The strategies that I used may not work for you.

Some people ni sura ngumu from birth with zero social skills like @johntez addi gaza msafi so bila pesa, hata in uni, kupata wet crack ni ngumuu.

Some people are handsome so kupata maku ni rahisi. Others may not be goodlooking but they have redeeming characteristics like confidence and charisma.

If you are the average guy, naweza kuambia tuu its a game of numbers. Hit on 10+ girls and at least one will accept. Don’t take rejection personally.

Hit on 15 girls halafu ulete report hapa after a week or two. Make sure the girls are somewhat diversified i.e. usihit on only 10s or only 5s.