Saidieni kijana ya 2003

Wakuu mlikuwa mnatumia tricks Gani kuget laid while in Campo…

Just being funny, interesting and outgoing.
Don’t show signs of pussy desperation
Invite ladies for supper and movie watching
Wear nice clothes and be physically fit
Have small coins to buy basic commodities like bread, milk and chipos

I remember a joke from Churchill - ‘campus yao ungetembea na laptop madem wote wangekufuata’:smiley:

Jifunze maneno matamu na uongo, piga luku,ingia skating na salsa dancing, hiking na bike riding…kuwa class rep ukitumiwa notes na assignments na lec uwaambie wakujie kejani

Kwani uliacha kutafuta vajin:D:D

Just talk to them. They also want to get laid. If you don’t have confidence then fake it, otherwise utakuwa unapigwa exile Kila siku

Don’t focus too much on getting laid in campus.

The game is rigged against you at 19 years.

Sure, you will get laid – but most of your female classmates will be more attracted to “working class”.

Osha rungu vizuri, but don’t make the mistake of co-habiting with a young girl in campus. Alafu kidogo kidogo upate umempea mimba.

Alafu avoid kutembea na mbogi kila wakati kama unataka kukula madem wengi.

But your priority should be to make sure you get a first-class so you will get a Master’s scholarship to an ivy league as soon as you’ve graduated.

SECONDED p***y imejaa sana hapa nje dont chase them unnecesarily na usijipee pressure hao wa campus ni wetu but your time to shine will come if you maintain your frame…

Hapo umenoa mzee. No one gives a fuackkk about first class in campo… especially those who are ferkking.

Also he needs to find a way to earn a living while in the varsity. Like try looking for what you can do maybe over the weekends that will generate income for you. You can’t keep on depending on your parents for every. Sometimes suprise them with an M-pesa message from you

Just be neat and a bit outgoing. However do not force it

Tulikuwa tunawaletea Cham ikiwa Kwa mizinga.
Wanadhani wanakunya fancy names.
Tunawapiga combi after kuwapea kush.
Bahati nzuri sikupata ukedi.

But that was in the 00’s

That’s why I’m advising him not to follow the herd aka the mbogi.

Funny thing about campus – hao madem wengi anaona wameiiva sana first year watakuwa wamechapa after 5 or 6 years.

In fact, hao madem average first year watakuwa warembo after 5 or 6 years kuliko hao madem kila mtu anawataka.

I don’t why, but my theory is madem wameiiva sana huwa wanakitiwa sana na wanaume wengi wakona pesa.

Kila weekendi wanachapa sherehe wakivuta sheesha, kulewa na kumeza P2. A few years down the line, wanaanza kuchapa chapa especially after wamepatiwa character development.

Good idea. But many are misguided here. Kuchapa hussle campo haikuwangi kitu kila student anaweza fanya. Labda students wenye hukuwa na lessons 3 or 4 days a week. Some students have lessons zinaanza 7AM back to back hadi even 7PM, the whole week. So, sometimes logic pia ni muhimu. A BA student may have more time to engage in other stuff that a BSc student.

For real. The average ones look good now, the hot ones wamefyat. Similar also if you go a step back to highschool, a lot of the pretty ones wanabeat campo.

Ignore all of the above useless peasants advice.

Exactry… exactry… mwanaume ni pesa hizo vitu zingine ni hekaya.

Pia it depends where your institution is based at…out of Nairobi huwa ngumu kupata jobs that favour students na msiseme onlime coz hizo pia ni ngumu kupata

Pesa ndio a good solution luckily in campus as a student you don’t need lots of it bora uko na ya mzinga and some other little campus fun you good am assuming you are capable of talking to bitches

Park Subaru Kwa parking. Itisha number kama 10. Hapo utakula kama watatu