Saidieni i have sti

On friday this week i had sex with a prostitute at Sabina the condom bursted. Now i have a sore in my urethra and its itchy when i pee. Where can i get tested for sti in nairobi na ni how much

. Enda casino or any government hospital

You’re a dead man walking, just give up and await your fate

Luwere nyasaye akulinde…

:D:D:D Unaenda kuponesha super gonorrhea alafu 3 months later uko na ukedi. Earth is hard

:D:D choices have consequences… enda hosi utakufa na depression wakifika huku

Hehehe lakini nyinyi ni watu bladyfakin dont kick a man when he’s down. But pia yeye knowing this kijiji hangeleta hiyo swali hapa…anyway ref waves play on

This song should be done by typical Bukusu women, from the village, the ones with heavy accent, Akisema Shamakhokho you feel the gloattal sounds clearly. Nyasae Akhulinde
FOund it

Manze usinicheke bwana

Asante i hope ni sti tu. Naacha umalaya

kama ulitoa dick the moment you realized imeburst chances za kupata ukimwi ziko low. But kama uliendelea, be worried

:D:D:D:D … poorly informed as long as iliburst akiwa ndani …You are vulnerable…The best thing is that 72hrs are not yet over … You will be uncomfortable for the next 28days of taking the tab at the same time:D:D:D:D

Sometimes hizi promises hukua empty and unnecesary. Just never mix ulevi chakari na malaya and you should be good. Quick recovery and all the best

Famous last words.

Hizi vitu ni real…


Ulevi na umalaya in one sentence huwa haziendi pamoja…Mtu anafaa atombe lanye akiwa 100% sober…Lakini vijana hawataki kuskia

Admin uko na bidii. Next time copy paste from the guost of garbatula. Ata fala kitu ya kwanza ni kuenda hosi sio kuuliza online

Dry frying a lanye can be such a dead trap. Anyway I read somewhere that they now heal luwere in Germany using stem cell therapy.

Pole lakini quit lanye sasa na utafuta prep mapema just in case