Saidieni Huyu Kijana wa Acturial apate Attachment.

I know talkers of goodwill will help him find a place.

Contact him directly on contacts indicated in the documents.

Am not an actuary lakini looking at that CV it’s really shallow kama ya mtoto wa primary. Skills and work experience listed are so basic hata form four leaver can have them. That’s why he is not getting job offers
Tell him to rewrite his CV afreach n write it to suiy the job he is applying for. You too should have looked at it and advised him. Kama hajui kuandika them let someone else write for him



wrong format

poorly written, lacklustre CV. Mrs Mureithi saidia yeye aandike a better CV

I haven’t written a CV in a while, hebu watu mnajua mtusaidie or better put up a well written CV ya a technical field

He has alot to learn, advice him to apply to nhif,nssf or any pension firms. insurance companies are reluctant to bring in someone for a short duration then he gather confidential information. Also he should know professional papers are of importance

what’s actuarial stuff all about?? Maybe i can help once i understand.

Sample CV how my firm wants it

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WTF are you trying to say?

Okay I get it

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ati “taking children out” to do what?
poorly done cv. responsibilities must be clear. what kind of records was he keeping. what did he do with the finances he collected? how did his work impact the business?

@aviator take a gander at this then compare to that of your guy.

your cv must have achievements and put those achievements in numbers.
let him try rewrite it
take the sagara one, download it and give him to copy.
in today’s job market, it is very competitive. the only thing that will make you shine is what came out of what you did.
results results results. add efficiency to that.
achievements lazima.

Thanks guys. I also noted his cv is a joke. Wacha niguide huyo mtoto.

hiyo ya “taking out children” you know in America hiyo inamaanisha killing them :smiley:


and from his CV it looks like he is applying for a position in church. Too much religious stuff in the CV, not that its bad but its not professional.


insurance,pension,investment bank,risk management…

I wish him good luck


Also since he doesn’t have any work experience in the field, he should try write it showing his analytical, team work, communication and other transferable skills that would make him successful in an office environment. Juu atapelekwa mail sorting kuanzia apende asipende.