Saidieni Huyu Graduate

Sometimes when struggling with school fees ya kijana, I have such nightmares. God help me nipeleke yeye majuu uni


Atasaidika aje without contacts? The presentation of himself a potential employer wouldn’t even bother giving him a chance. Amejepresent kama boy tu wa mtaa wa kungoja form za mogoka jioni.

Lets just stick to holding nice presentable placards with contacts, and without talking. For those daring enough to use this route.


Vile amevalia kofia backwards na Polo TShirt haina vifungo inaonyesha poor grooming.

Body language experts wakim profile watasema huyu Kijana hafiki viwango. Kule Gikomba kuna Shirt nzuri za Ksh 150, Official Trouser ya Ksh 250 ambzo ange save na kuvalia hiyo siku ya kuji advertise na kazi angepata very quickly.

Saa ingine Packaging matters, not that mtu shaggy hawezi fanya kazi BUT First Impression MATTERS. Ask watu wa HR


Pale twitter inasemekana he is just another idler in the streets doing content creation. Thats why the unseriousness and no contacts.

But ikifika mahali where these chokoras now start dissing unemployed graduates then as a country we have failed! Mtu alipata E and an unemployed Graduate being clustered as the same is really dissapointing.

Defaming degrees is now a thing online like bashing single moms. What a pity!

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Degrees nowadays have turned out to be filthy pieces of papers. Ni karatasi unachukua unawasha nayo jiko. How is it useful when those who are getting jobs have no papers. Explain to me why a radio station would employee a comedian or a content creator who has zero qualifications yet their is a graduate somewhere who studied 4 years in school to get a Journalism and Mass Media degree. No wonder Gen Z are ever drenched in TikTok, Youtube and the likes.

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Ni uwongo. Statistics is very marketable and highly sought for by companies and organisations right now. Huwezi kosa job in that field.


Industry ya hesabu iko highly automated because employers do not want to risk human errors

these days ni skill tu… degree utajaza kwa nyumba bure… hiyo pesa nunua ka quarter pale nakuru, fungua biashara ama lipia wet crack. our institutions of higher learning are also crap


Ukienda pale tiktok u search “don’t get a degree” you get many many tiktoks specifically about not going to university.

Some of them give step by step guidance for the degreeless alternatives or even getting said degree for free (on-line) from reputable globally recognised universities

This is a correct assessment. The way this generation takes things so casual, employers wouldn’t even think twice to onboard them, afathali dept ikae na losses than risking it with these folks who are entitled to the very core

Peleka yeye USIU afanye Bachelor of Pharmacy ama Applied Computer Technology ama Information Systems Technology halafu peleka yeye states afanye kazi huko akifanya Masters.Degree za USIU ziko recognized huko hataanza na kupanguza matako za tunyanye na kuwa change diaper kama @MIGUNA


Huyu kijana hataki ku hustle…in my opinion. Ask me why

People really down play the impact of first impression.Kuna venye a potential judges you by the way you dress,then the shoes,then the firmness of your handshake before even starting a conversation.Huyu unfortunately amevaa kama konkodi wa Indimanje banae.Nobody can look at him twice hata kama ako na first class.Reminds me of wale wase walipatanga first class siku zetu lakini walikua wanauma nje ma opportunities sa sales engineers juu ya ku shrub.


Ukienda kufanya hiyo course kuna mtu mliambiana atakupee kazi? Did that fool just drop from the air right now and found our economy struggling?

If it’s true amefanya Msc in Pure Mathematics, then he can get a job and/or Phd very easily in several universities or companies in US or Europe. He should get into contact with the relevant people.

degrees gani hizi watu wanafanya haiwapei skills? It is established that competency in a formal skill set is enhanced at the tertiary level.

skills means you have built something that demonstrates your abilities…degree coupled na the 1000th generic CV, is tiresome.

Masters yote! Now can he solve problems?

Yeye mwenyewe unahustle ama form yako ni tunyanywe twa 150.