Saidieni hapa

I have been seeing her for the last 2 months and she have had the privilege of coming to my place to pass time or for coitus juice exchange.
All these while i noted that 3 of my sufurias have disappeared.Also some favourite Tshirts.
I told it to her and all she could do was smile.Then proceeded to say I have to get rid of the other woman traits from your house.
Talkers I had a total of 5 sufurias together with the lost one.Two years ago I used to own only two_One was big,the other was small.The big would serve as one for cooking ugali and warming water.Kadogo kalikuwa ka chai na mboga.They were too old such that the big one had tobokad.
So we got lucky at work and were given a gift voucher worth 10k.As luck would have it I overheard two of my lady colleagues mention of a place in Kamukunji where they sell such wares cheaply,but they don’t take vouchers.
Nikaongea na mmoja akinapa 5k in exchange of one 5k voucher,so I went to Kamukunji and bought them sufurias nice ones,ziko na vifuniko na handle.
Sasa here we are,sijui amezipeleka wapi,I intend to wife her does it mean she will discard everything I owned.Najaribu kumwambi nilizinunua na voucher hasikii.
Leo she has come with a set of glasses saying its for replacing those that she broke.Kukimbia kwangalia kwa kabati ni ukweli hamna glasses.
What is wrong with them bitches.I swear I have bought all the stuff in my house.


i feel you though my case was a little different.

:D:D:D even young male lions kill the older male’s cubs after chasing him to rid the pride of his genes and sire theirs. Alinusa makucha ya slay queen kwa utensils na t-shirts aka discard

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mwanaume una sufuria 15 kwa bedsitter?? that’s being sissy

:D:D:D:D:Djana nilisema huwa na-study wanyama jamaa akaniambi na-wank na porn ya tu-ndege! kuna binadamu haki!

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na bado, utaareplace towels na beddings+ bed yenyewe kwanza ndio atulize

my advice huyo chorea just think how she would handle your mum or siblings juu hao hawezi tupa hukooooo

Amepeleka kwa mrogi @jumabekavu. Huyo anataka kukutega ndio usiwe na successful relationship with any other woman.

:D:D some proper nut jobs on in here SMH


@Meria Mata alikuwa anaamka asubui mapema kuangalia millipedes zikimate. Sijui kama ameacha hiyo fetish.

Bachelor sufuria zikipita tatu kwa nyumba hio ni hoteli

Huyo amekuwa akitembelea mchawi jumabekavu, if you marry her utakaliwa chapo just get rid of her

Ahaahahahahahaa,wacha nikunywe mbili musiniambukize ujinga

Signs of a mkaliaji

She’s marking her territory but that’s a bit extreme, bado kuolewa and she’s already trashing your stuff without your consent. Hapa kuna kashida and might be a prologue to yesterdays hekaya where the jamaa was evicted from his former house!!

My friend, consider yourself lucky.
Mwanamke kama huyo is a rarity these days. Treat her well and you will forever be happy.

Anamark territory. It’s normal with women who sit on men

You are one very big fool. Mwambie arudishe sufuria akinyeta endea polis. Eti you want to wife her ? Life is hard enough as it is. Wacha kujitafutia kifo cha stress my fren.

Replace that with (has)

Yeye kubadilisha sufuria ndio inakuworry seriously?? That’s just being petty. Let her do whatever she wants to do to/for the kitchen ama household in general. You just work on being the provider. Just give her a chance to be the woman in the relationship, you can’t share that post.