Saidieni hapa

Wadau nime enda kununua token and I confused a number. Is there anyway I can reverse the transaction and get my token back. Hope I will get help from you wanakijiji.[ATTACH=full]148862[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]148863[/ATTACH]

You’re lucky haija enda kwa account ya mtu mwingine. Hit them up on Facebook

si umeambiwa contact them?

Hawa shiki simu

Call 0703070707 and be patient. Watachukua simu eventually.

call them or fika office yao

Tweet them… They’ll respond faster

i thought ikisema invalid inamaanisha haijakukata pesa .

:D:D:D:D, hit them on facebook! Unless if facebook walianza kuchukua simu. (Pun intended)


ngombe wewe

Pole baba, naona mtaapisha before end of Jan?

Pole, now try with correct number, if haija kukata pesa, otherwise keep on trying to call them.