Saidia villager

There’s this girl who’s broken the record guys. Sijaikatia dem close to 2months bila kumkula but now I have done it and I feel wasted.

So the lady I’m talking about is in campus. Her final exams are underway and she’ll clear in a week or so.

I met her end of June through a mutual friend. We talked for a while. Met again the two of us for the first time early last month.

Later karibu end month we also met. I took her out na nkamtreat vipoa. After that out tukaenda kejani of course, she claimed ananyesha.

Sikutaka kuchoma so I pretended to understand her without a question. I asked her to pay me a visit again of which she did.

This time tukashinda indoors tukakula vizuri akiwatch wrestling (she’s a big fan). Mvua ikaanza nikajiambia baas kwisha mtu.

Again she refused ati leo sina mood. The only things she could offer were kisses. Plus ati hatujajuana poa. This time I got angry but I didn’t show it again.

Mvua ilipoisha akaenda kitu 7pm. I had tried to convince her akae nkijua hataruka kamba usiku but akaringa.

Now my plan is to call her again once she clears her exams. This time I want to be very categorical coz ananibeba ufala na vile amekulako tupesa.

I want to try and put a serious face like I always do with other stupid girls. Kuna mtu ametry hii ikamwendea vibaya??

Not that I intend to rape but I want to let her know that she must give the thing or just go for good.

But I also don’t mind applying some force coz I’m even moving out endmonth so sina shida akicause scene.

Your advices

:D:D Wewe ni krimino

Anyway, endelea kubleed pesa. Anamumunya and enjoying the treats akiringia rafiki zake.

Or, she could be one of those girls.

Unasumbua. Si umesema unakatiaga na kukula fasta fasta, mbona usiende next?

Hizo out mbili tu amekula mingi. Ile chakula anaitishanga kwa hoteli inashinda bei ya nguo amevaa It pains me that she’s playing games. Infact I already made up my mind. Hata akikubali nitakula maximum ya 5 times na niingie kakamega forest

Wow an actual psychopath hehe my goodness the people in this forum. Acha ujinga we makende kama ni punani unataka itisha ukinyimwa songa mbele unalazimisha mtu na kuma yake ju amekunywa soda zako jinga ii. Do you even know what’s going on through that girls head what if she’s just not comfortable enough you with good reason since you sound like a psychopath. Girls are many in this world ukishindwa na moja tembeza kiatu kwa mwingine.

Ala! You sound like a rapist who’s testing the waters

Aende bila kuosha rungu?

Rapist ni wewe

Enda utafute pesa ghaseer.

You must be a young foolish guy in his early to mid twenties. Why don’t you try this ujue jela sio hoteli.

Jinga Kabisa!
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Simple Advice to you all boys here: When a woman comes to your place and has refuses to offer you the goodies, send her out of your house immediately.
You are attracting something dangerous: This guy says he intends to use force and not rape - how are those compatible? Look, you failed 3 - 4 test that could have resulted to the couchie, now you want to employ force? Because you think that is what she wants? She tested you and you failed and does not at all mean force will work because if she stands her ground she does not want it, you are in trouble dude, hata ukihama.


Why should she buy the cow (you) when she’s already getting free milk (mbesha)?

Alcohol lowers inhibitions, introduce drinks to the menu.[SIZE=1] I’m not talking about pill cosby[/SIZE]

Inakaa unataka kufirwa pale kamiti na kina @digi

Rape her and you’ll spend 35 years in jail being raped: or you could admit your folly, take your losses, cut her off and learn your lesson.

Kuna dame alinishow hio stori ya kunyesha once so I stopped paying attention to her. Two weeks later alijileta mwenyewe nikakula vitu. Hawa madem wakiona ukodesperate wanaweza kudharau sana