saidia peasant

wakubwa since the introduction of using your national ID to cross the east African boarders, nauliza crossing into kampala for a one day visit what does one need in terms of documentation…

Literally nothing. Just your clothes on

clothes and condoms

hehehe chief niko serious btw …last time ilibidi nitafte temporal passport

And don go drinking yourself silly ,hao waganda watakukamua

hekaya ije

Temporary passport to be on safe side, utashikwa.


Chukua visa ya 350 hapo huduma kenya, validity ni 12 months it can go to EAC but basically kampala si huvuka tu


UG ni kuvuka tu, but to be on the safe side just get the temporary passport, will take you like 5mins n ur safe,… Tz ndiyo huwa na upussy ya asking for Yellow Fever Cert

UG …You only need National ID and Yellow fever jab. (Card)


Cheza ligi yako wochmeffi

Ulitoka som?

hata ug. first time to cross kenyan border was to go to Kampala. hiyo ya yellow fever Ni lazima. nilidungiwa happy border after paying 2k

Bado but planning to visit Ug when am back…