Saidia mwanaume mwenzako

I have tried and believe me I have really tried. Nimejaribu kupeana mimba but all in vain. Imefika mahali am worried and stressed. The problem ni mimi because the ladies I fuck don’t get pregnant but akijaribu na mtu tofauti anapata instantly. Am talking about 6 to 7 ladies I have dated. I opened up to mmoja wao who happens to be my current girlfriend na ni mluhya, akanishow there is a kind of mshtuko a lady feels mwanaume akimwaga na huwa hafeel when I ejaculate inside her na that could be the problem. There is this old grandpa mwenye ana deal na miti ni dawa aliniambia the same issue na kua anaweza kutibu hio shida nimpe time ya ku assemble dawa. Sasa nauliza wahenga wa ktalk if anyone has ever heard or been in this situation na what to do coz miaka zinaenda and Nahitaji kua na familia. Before mkojolee thread na mtupe mawe, its for medical purposes. Treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

@Mrs. Chantel a lad who’s so much of a connoisseur in phallus -related issues should be able to dispense some substancial insight your way.

Any advices?


Speaking of phallus -related issues I don’t have any problem with my mjulus. Not that ama aware of

It sounds made up. But does that mean the semen quantity is small or not present at all?

The simplest solution - Book a session with an andrologist (2500-3500), who will, after physical examination, send you to a lab kufanya semen analysis (3-8k depending on lab chosen) and possibly testicular ultrasound, testostrone and cholestrol tests
ensure semen retention for upto a week before going for the semen analysis
If you are cash-strapped, do semen analysis tu … if not typical, do other suggested tests
You will get the aswers you seek

Seek medical attention before it’s too late

Hapo ni noma, ambia @Weyn akuzalishie Bibi alafu utakuwa ukiita Weyn “The biological father to my child”

@Weyn aliharibiwa macende through gender realignment[ATTACH=full]494222[/ATTACH]

@PHARMACY is gây. Relatives wake huishi mlolongo. His children live in a cafeteria. They lack basic commodities like pencils.

Tuliza macende @Tauren I am not the one who let guard down akatombwa rasa na vipii shule . Am sure you enjoyed it like the fool you are . Shenzi [ATTACH=full]494223[/ATTACH]


You have low sperm count. Try eating foods rich in potassium and abstaining from sex for a few days before having sex to attempt impregnation

If you have ever fackd a kamba or giriama lady na hukulipa ama ukamdanganya in any way then hesabu watoto wako hawako. If not then visit kakamega or kisii urgently for herbal remedy. Please also note that untreated venereal diseases cause impotence.

:D:D:Dwe learn everyday :Dso shida ni ukimwaga madem hawastuki…ule ata stuka ata kuwa na mimba direct:D

pole sana juu ni kama unamwaga hewa bro

Wacha ku advice hii jamaa sana, this is a blessing in disguise coz aki insist sana anaeza zalisha mtoto yuko na down syndrome na hapo ndio atajua hajui

Enda ufanywe spert count. Itaonyesha how healthy your nuts are.

ii ni low sperm count. Leta bibi nikutombee upate mtoto ako na high IQ

I have tried even staying for a whole 3 weeks without sex

Sio dem kushtuka. Its as in ukimwaga that first spit inafaa kutoka na force