Guys each time i eat be it breakfast, lunch or supper i feel like vomitting, i cant even finish eating a small quantity, what might be the problem?


Are u pregnant? Might be the cause

tuseme tu uko na mimba

shemale umepachikwa mimba by a tough jaruo. huyo ameweza kweli. congrats

tupatie betting odds za gender yake

iam a man

Then why does your profile page say female as the gender?


your handle says otherwise…

@MANKI when was the last time you dewormed??It might be caused by excessive internal parasites in your body

Because you have stopped taking milk after

Nunua na umeze Beta-actin (I’m not sure of its spelling). Utakula hata makaratasi my fren.

Umefika kituo? na sio cha polisi.

admin manenos

a year ago

boss its recommendable after every 3 months…take a dose of the dewormers


Thats stomach acid …take actal tums

Ulichonga mogoka mob design ya @bjurmann ?


yap morning evening sickness enda clinic upimwe mimba