saidia kijana

so guys am stuck on three business ideas…i have always wanted to operate a wines and spirits wholesale joint na pia kufungua a playstation lounge na sai pia nadai kuingia kwa i biz ya uber,taxify etc…so which one would you advice a fellow talker to go for…keep in mind i can only do one…finances ziko sorted…saidia kijana…ni hayo tu kwa sasa

Biz ya transport usiwahi jaribu. PlayStation ni ngumu kuaccount for income unless ni wewe uko hapo. Fobe wins

apo kwa transport mbona umekataa

Biashara ya gari will only make your mechanic, driver, insurance and cops rich. However, kama ni wewe utajiendeshea you eliminate some of those risks. Na ukumbuke lately bei ya fuel inapanda tu, but fares remain constant. Unadhani nani huumia considering that fuel is the #1 expense kwa transportation?

izi biz zote nataka nijifanyie kama ni uber na drive mwenyewe kama ni fombe mimi ndo nauza kama ni ps mimi ndo niko pale plus obviously one employee…but izi point zako zinamake sense

Wines and Spirits wins this one. Before investing you should look at the biz you and ask yourself what kind of evolution will it go through? PS na the taxi biz are always metamorphosing which means you will have to make alot of changes to remain relevant, fail to jump with the rest your competition steals your market, alafu depreciation on electronics and cars wipes out most of your assets value so when cashing out (which in Kenya happens to 70% of SMEs under 3 years old) you take a huge hit.

Pombe ni the same since 2002, changes ni predictable plus most of your capital is held by stock, with a good location utauza though serikali itapush costs up but atleast risks ni manageable

Pombe biz iko solid. Ngata being iko solid n an upward trajectory since hii vijana warudi serikali. Plus PS hutaka you babysit the establishment kwanza mpaka ipick… Ukiweka nugu akule pesa utabaki unacount losses kila siku

izi biz zote naplan kujifanyia…whichever i end up landing on

pombe pia ni unpredictable kiasi esp with the immergence of illegal liqour ngombe pale parliament ama ata fala kama baba yao anaeza amua kupayuka watu wamwage pombe allover like it happened some yrs back time ya mututho…watu walipoteza doh mob sana

Hakuna biz haina risks zake. Lakini hiyo wakati only a tiny fraction of sellers walimwagiwa. Wengine walifunga na news travels fast.

From what I’ve heard, you can’t make a living with taxify yet. It’s Uber as the main hustle then Taxify as the side hustle.
Now herein lies the problem. I can’t speak with authority, but from what I’ve been told, the waiting list to get into Uber as a driver stretches from Nairobi to Cairo.
Apparently some people have been waiting for over 1 year to get in.
When everyone and their uncle decided to buy an Axio or a Tiida for Uber, the issue of supply and demand came in and Uber had to act.
So, unless you are a driver already, bringing in a new car into Uber will be hard. Don’t buy before you do your research.

Don’t bother with the PS. It is too much work for too little pay. And it’s likely you’ll experience breakages before the machines even pay for themselves.

That leaves you with pombe. In my opinion, anyone opening a wines and spirit exhibits very low creativity and 95% of the time will fail. You literally just have to look around and they are everywhere.
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, none of the 3 ‘business ideas’ will make you rich… 99% of the time.

So, if you have some cash stashed somewhere, think outside the box and help Kenya in the process.

getting into uber is not hard if you know the right people…you just get in very quick as we speak am a registered driver na ata sina gari uko the bribery that goes on there is beyond imagination…but your point has given me alot to think about

As a side note, somebody said there is good money importing apples from SA.

Alcohol biz is very lucrative but morally speaking it’s wrong to contribute in ruining people’s lives and health. It’s for that reason alone I wouldn’t recommend. Opening a kibanda is a better idea because people must eat.

the kenyan culture ya kujuana imefika huko. a friend bought a passo this year and its already ndani.

exactly my point…unaeza nunua gari sai na uende kama umeingia if your pocket is deep enough

willing buyer…no one is forced into it

Kuna baridi fungua kibanda ya chai uniite ntanunua

chai pikiwa na bibi