saidia hapa

I have a feeling nimecheswo,some lady claims to be preggers with my kid,but nikipiga hesabu ya last time we met naona its not in sync iwht her side of the story,two months ago.she probaly got fucked elsewhere and conveniently brings me the pussy while its still wet,anywho hebu I play along though plans i had for easter nime cancel ,will just hang out alone.Mistake pia ni ati huyu dame ameonekana home na wakajijazia she is “the one” .But my mind tells me otherwise.
Is there a way of finding out if am the owner of the errant njoti that led to this mess? before the child is born,might do a Malaysia on this one…
Matusi ,advice zote natarajia.

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Rig her phone and learn who else is in the coalition. In the meantime you can continue enjoying the benefits.


B4 its born might be a hard one, u can choose to lay low for a while na ukweli utajitokeza…now that unashuku, don’t rush your decision. I played along for 7months, it wasn’t easy but when the baby was born i got my freedom…n that was the last time i talked to that B****…i moved on n now i have my kid who fully resembles me and my siblings


uko about kukamuliwo literaly only way dna 7 months from now cost KSh21,930 by then utakuwa umespend ka ten times that. my advise badilisha number enda mitini till then

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hehe,can be tru since the b**** knows what she doing coz mwanaume ako gizani,chose this option then utoklezee mtoi akizaliwa ufanye confirmation

alikuja kwako akikaukanga! hahahaaaa


kuna kitu mimi husema in my life

pliz pliz be honest to yourself (culture voicez)

kama uko na rosto uko na option mbili kamua dryfry and deal with consequences kama mwanaume ama …kamua lanye na makobosto na hutawai onana nayo tena :smiley:

uki choose option A …dame akuseti ball ni yako…kaka tulia ball sio ugonjwa…si ulimwaga ndani …take responsibilities


halafu kama hana si uta ni OZiL :slight_smile:


Condoms are free in GoK institutions.

Baba lea mtoto wako.


how many times must you be advised kabla ufanye kitu? alafu unaenda kuifanya alafu unakam hapa kumblein vile imechapa.
what did you expect?
if you haven’t learned anything from @Ka-Buda and Co., then you sir, are not sharp.
ngoja 9 months, do the dna.
and stop taking people to meet your family when all you’re doing is laying each other.


Usaidiwe vipi??
too late for advice kaka, kaubebe mzigo wako

mwaoni msuri,hapa ni kucheza chini till ifike tupime…moving on swiftly.

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your avator says it all …meffi

It is totally irresponsible to nyandua mwoman bila condom then complain when becomes pregnant. You make it worse by infer that you deliberately sexed without protection…man up na uanze kusave ya kulea mtoto.

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I remember some time back, my pal was facing a similar situation. So I asked the guy to explain exactly what happened on that fateful day. The guy told me they had not been in good terms with this chiq but she called him out of nowhere ati anakuja kumuona. So she arrived around 8pm. In the morning the guy gave her 500 to buy p2. Then after 2 weeks the chiq is paged. I told him to call this chiq and inform her that he already knows place alikuwa ametoka hiyo day ndio akuje kwake. my friend, si that chiq aliropokwa. ooh nimejua mwenye amekushow hizo story zote blah blah. That was last time he heard from that chiq. I hear she aborted.


:eek::D:D:D… This is gold.

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Never evr think of going for Dna if ur gut feeling tells you the kid could be yours. Believe you me once that kid finds out(ofcos ataambiwa) dad denied you she/he will hate u for the rest of your life
acha the mum aende court ulipe maintenance u can always go around this as long as hufanyi kwa gava ni hayo

Ngai! yaani for real mookaga makîûmaga? dryfry ikae sweet palmela for life

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it’s your own irresponsible and careless actions bro.
Take responsibility like a grown up na uwache drama

I perfected the pull out game long ago.nimeoatikana once only coz the biach assured me she was safe.on all other occasions I bust in their eyes