Saidia Baba

Now villagers even the village idlers How do you deal with wife who gets mad or rather gets irritated when she finds out you helped a relative or a brother financially.
Kelele tu kwa nyumba akisema hio pesa ingetumika to do this or that instead… Bla! Bla! Bla!

Kick the bitch out…

Enda ukunywe Hunters mbili urudi SAA nane ya usiku. Akiongea tena wekelea yeye Kofi nzito kuliko ya Kidero. Ataacha hiyo upussy.

Vaa helmet

Talk to her and find out what her problem is exactly… Could be you’re not helping her side of her family…

Ensure you’ve totally covered any underground tanks, whether for water or sewage purposes.

Mwanaume anaumia hapa am thinking i pack everything belonging to her asubuhi mapema nipeleke kwao.Ama nipelekee subchief wa kwao anipelekee kwao. She can’t even go withdraw and mpesa the person. Its like she doesn’t like i associate myself with my people that much.

Hiyo ni kunguru.

If you know that you are a sissy, dont marry. Pesa ni yako. Why would a grown man with 32 teeth telorate any BS from anyone about his money? For now, you need to locate your nuts because you are already emasculated.

Family = wife + children, but this only works if your spouse is not crafty or being manipulated by her parents and siblings to keep something on the side for a rainy day.
Any form of financial deception is unacceptable and if discovered you are better off alone

Women have one cure. The silent treatment. She would rather mshinde hapo mkipigiana kelele because she is looking for a way to annoy you to the point you do something stupid like hitting her ndio you end up becoming the monster and she gets all the sympathy and attention.
Mnyamazie leo yote and if possible kesho pia.

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Does she work? Any income? If yes, then she has a reason to ask especially if hamsaidii side ya kwao. If otherwise then she has no business controlling your life that way. Tell her point blank to shape in or get her out!

From my understanding, men take care of their nuclear family that is wife and kids, and the extended, that is the man’s brothers and sisters.
In this regard, the wife’s brothers should be playing their part uko, or rather the men in her family should be doing the helping.
This can be exempted if the wife comes from a poor back ground.
Otherwise if you load your husband with your family problems and he’s already taking care of you and his extended family by default, it’s gonna be chaos.
It’s a situation that requires intelligence, not feelings.

I endorse this. I don’t understand how a fully grown man cannot do whatever he wants to do with his money.

look into the issue without being biased, consider her contribution to the household. Then ask yourself if she did what you did whether you would okey with it. Are you sure your brother would have done the same for you?

He he he, this is the solution nowadays.

Not always the case unless you marry an unreasonable, ignorant person.
If you have a good wife, she can be a driving force in assisting you and you can prosper together.
Shida is, siku hizi watu wajinga no wengi, men and women included.

Hao ni wale wanakuambia choose me or your mum…:D:D
Piga yeye kofi mbili…their demands never end

Exactly man i always got that ka fear since mwoman akikuamulia utakufa sato na mazishi ni teusday its only a postmortem itashelewesha.
she doesn’t want to hear that when i was down there my bro alinisaidia now hii mwaka amekwama so am returning the favour nashughulikia side yao vipoa.