Sagana State Lodge

Game iko halftime[ATTACH=full]454444[/ATTACH]

This man :smiley: :D, half idiot half tampon alimaliza assignment yake

This guy is not refined. Chokoraaa kabisa. I know many people who never saw the inside of a classrom but wako so civil…

And these are the riff-raff you want in leadership for the next 10 years …???

Shenzi Kabisa … :mad::mad:

Kikuyus don’t know what they are doing… the good thing is that they will mostly be the 1st casualties of a rotten UDA govt… watakuwa wanalia hadi mpeketoni

Hii ni used Always without wings. Dog of a person (ngui ya mūndū).

are you saying kikuyus should trust RAIRA? :D:D

They are damned either way…But with baba the landing is a bit softer.

they are damned. end. of. story.

The remaining period to election is known as Matusi/ Insults Period

For the ‘royal’ families not the rest of the masses

baba is a better idea…

When you compare and interrogate the CHARACTER , HISTORY , TRACK RECORD , INTEGRITY and VISION of the players in both Teams …



The Choice is very , very clear … !!! :D:D:D