Safisheni macho kiasi

Katoto hodari.







Ata hauna aibu…your fragile dcik should be wrapping up…sio kutamani vitu kama hizi,ama ukicheza nikuwinde nivunje hayo mayai inakupea kicks of a dying horse

Just die my friend

She looks marriagey… why are u offended, bottom?

Yes looks looks marriable but being admired by @Abba who is a good description of a male who has hit the wall properly

:D:D:D men don’t hit walls

Kwani ulikuwa unadai mzae? Umejam hivyo vyote kwanini?

Sitaki aende ahera kabla nivunje mayai yake…

This one didn’t just hit the wall, the mighty wall came looking for her personally.

Butterfaced miguu stove.

You have to look beyond to get to the soul of a woman.

This is a very good woman… who can be tamed. Fun to be with na hata tabia si mbaya

from expat opinion this is a 32 year old singo madha na alipewa ball at 23 kama ameiva

@Kimakia is a homosexual so in their coven waki discuss wanajuwa how gay men hit walls

Tell him to accept he has hit the wall but i can still break his remaining eggs

Those fat rolls on the belly turn me off so badly on any woman…

boss katoto hodari means very different from this


Geh men hitting the wall ni kupoteza brakes kama @Kimakia

dry fry certified material