Safisharing ears

As my Friday winds down, i shall indulge on some much needed sounds in beckoning for the weekend to come and stay a little longer this time.

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You listen to deep house?
Nice mix, Where your ass at though whenever we discuss or share house music tunes with akina @screwplus and @Pos€i.Don

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I like that American Boy remix. That song always gives me memories of my earlier high school days. worst time point in high school but It was a dope song

Hehehe, i more than love house music. Great seeing other house lovers in the village. I’ve not seen anyone post this stuff, blame’s on me though cos i’m not online all that much. Next time include me in your shenanigans :slight_smile:

Haha! When the part for American boy reaches i replay it two more times then let the rest of the mix play. Hekaya?

we do share some house music
am more into Progressive, Folk, Tropical and Deep house
I posted some Folk House mix jana

hahaha nothing much just a point of transition. Joined highschool immediately after the post elections violence so you can imagine msoto ilikuwa. The hormones kick in and you are trying to approach ladies but you don’t know how. As from form 3 you become a senior and you begin to enjoy school more

Baaaas! This is also my kind of house. I’ll try to be on alert from now on, Thanks for sharing.

im listening to this set at the moment… banging set

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shocked to see deep house lovers on this page :smiley:

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Hehehe! Woiye, pole sana. That’s part of life, a phase you had to experience and grow from. I bet siku hizi ukikatia dame maneno inaenda nyweeeee! I just love the reminiscent component of music… How it connects us to our past life events. Amazing.

Same here, tuko kadhaa… Me likey :slight_smile:

we are a legion huku

Will check yours out as soon as my mix is over.

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yes I like how music connects us to our past too. Some remind you of your highschool days, others your childhood, some your campus days, one about that day you got your first kiss, that road trip you took ad infinitum.
That’s why I always listen to some music every time

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did either of you two attend earthdance last weekend