Safisha Mecho curfew edishen




A woman with succulent titties always has no round behind and if she has good arse and boobs then she will have sura Kama ya zile bukusu za kwa kina @lichoti ,sadly if she has sweet face,sexy boobs and round behind then she will have smelly mouth or huge poosie which is unsatisfiable

@Ssess show them how its done

she looks good

Let me guess, dame yako ni flat arsed,chested na sura kama ya wepukhulu na mdomo yake inanuka protex.eeh?

We are not talking about my ghel @Tom bayote ,we are Talking of women current one has a wonderful arse,sexy boobs and legs ,sweet tongue but average face,which is presentable to all standards.she knows I hate makeups ur ugly wife wears to look beautiful child faced that’s y I regularly take her to swimming pool

Then why the abhorrent and angst? You brought in my wife? Thats a low blow son for your age,but its the village:D You sounded like you dont like vaginas in general. In future just let thinhs swing,ama namna gani. Say hi to your sexy arse,boobs,legs woman

You have really done extensive research on this topic. You already qualify for a master’s degree.

Fine ghel. Especially 3rd pic. However, this type can leave you broke and broken.