Safety On the Roads (Drivers Edition)

While driving at night and want to overtake how do you guys calculate the distance of the oncoming traffic I really find it tricky for me. Anyone with More tips of driving at night, please add.

It’s not easy because it’s hard to estimate the speed of oncoming vehicles as well as distance but you’ve got to know your car’s acceleration speed and you’ve got to have a rough estimate of the distance. I personally don’t overtake vehicles going close to 100km/hr at night.

Just dont try to outdo a speeding vehicle at night. Wait until the car in front slows enough and the road is clear. Poor judgement at this point has condemned many when they decided to press gas and swerve to the other lane at the wrong time. kama ule dereva wa noah. If for any reason you are not sober, STICK to your lane to the end!!!

@Mtanzania Magufuli nimepata habari leo ya watu 29 kufariki dunia katika ajali ya mabasi mawili mkoani Singida…picha unazo?

Yellow headlight are the worst to try to estimate distance. Let it pass.

we mjamma weka za watu wa team nduthi apa na vile wanalamba chini …a friend had an accdent while (cycling) he thought ni ka gari aliitwa nyuma na arif yake akageuka pia na handle…boxer ya ndani ilitolewa kwa shingo na bado trouser na belt ilikuwa kwa waist intact…now he got saved for wrong reasons

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No G-strings attached. Purely commando.

the best I suppose

Kisii County has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Kwani iko nini?

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Not forgetting those who indicate without turning.

In fact, if possible, avoid driving at night on an unknown route, especially kwa highway.

Ingia kwa mtandao.

Too sad. Huko hawatambui vithibiti mwendo.


Walk into an optical shop and buy antiglare glasses. You will enjoy night driving.

Luther you owe us a hekaya…you once hinted that you were involved in a grisly accident…sorry if it brings bad memories but now that this is pinned post your story can act as a lesson to somebody…

Very true. I landed on top of the roundabout adjacent to Kisumu airport entrance.

I have come to learn there is one sure antidote for safe driving, age! And is it a little rare…