Safety On the Roads (Drivers Edition)

I have never had one of those. I keep a large distance between the car I am following but I live in an area with a low car population

last but not least overspeeding on a road you dont know is a death wish

You should never use hazard lights while the vehicle is in motion. Defensive driving 101

sisi wenye tuko na gari mzee tutaangalia wapi??


lets say you’re in the middle of the highway and you realize one of your tires has significantly lost tire pressure and since you want to avoid doing a tire change in the middle of the highway you decide to drive very slowly and pull over in a safe area…shouldn’t you put your hazard lights on?

How about bad weather where you need to make yourself visible to the car behind?

How about if one lane has fallen rocks eg in a rock slide etc etc… and you need to warn vehicles behind?

What alternatives are there because the car is still in motion.

tafuta gari iingine kama hio

Simple trick if u are drowsy, beba vicks, paka karibu na macho, usingizi dissappears. Used by long distance matatu drivers.

crazydude @spear can we petition the government/NTSA that the contents&comments of this thread be introduced as a topic in the kenyan driving school curriculum (if there is any)

Sa ubaya unaeza kua the most concious driver alafu lorry ya mchanga bila brakes ikupate

Points from Europe that Kenya should copy na sio kwa ubaya

  1. Government should be given the power to control the price of Driving school lessons. They can make Driving schools pay high taxes for their licences yearly. The cost of obtaining a licence for driving a car is on average €1,400 (do the math) in ujeru

  2. Strict tests by Govt inspectors…after one has completed Driving school lessons they are tested by very strict Govt inspectors. One small mistake both theory and practical u are sent back to to the driving school to under go a new training…and end up paying €1,400 again

  3. Licences that involve public transport e.g buses and heavy commercial vehicles (Lorries, trucks)are very hard to get here. The tests are very hard to the core because u are dealing with people’s lives here. The price is also higher. If this can be implemented in Kenya mtasahau hizi accidents coz peasants/uneducated pple hawata toboa

  4. Suspension /Expulsion… If one is found with a traffic offence, they are normally fined and given warnings…U can only get three warnings max…ukipata ya third Driving licence yako inaenda and u are banned for life from driving ever again.

  5. Install speed cameras/CCTVs on different locations and keep changing the locations juu mnajua wakenya tuu na kuambiana ati wakubwa langata rd kuna kamenje. Install this and nab drivers caught breaking the law…Wht happened to that program road hogwash …ile they bust drivers breaking the law on the road and they say to the owner of KCD aaaaaah shame on you. Kwani police hawawezi tumia such evidence to punish drivers…ni hayo tuu

[SIZE=5]How to use your hazard lights[/SIZE]
While driving:

Do use hazard lights while driving if you’re on a motorway or dual carriage way and you need to warn other drivers that there’s a hazard on the road ahead

Don’t use them under any other circumstances while your car is in motion, even if it’s being towed!

While stationary:

Do use your hazard lights if you’re stationary and causing a temporary obstruction.

Don’t think you can just stop anywhere you want so long as you put your hazards on! You can’t, and using your hazards won’t get you out of a fine for parking illegally.

If you break down:

Do use your hazards to warn other traffic if you’ve broken down in a dangerous place that could affect other traffic, or if you’ve broken down on the motorway and stopped on the hard shoulder.

Don’t rely on your lights to keep you safe: a lot of accidents happen on the hard shoulder so you need to stay alert and in a safe position.

This sounds like a bible tbh…what’s the reasoning behind not putting on hazard lights in the situations I gave earlier? Could I put myself in danger? Or it’s a matter of breaking the law?

The problem on Kenyan roads is there are too many idiotic drivers with barely any idea what road courtesy is.
The first weekend of last month saw me in a God forsaken place in Nyandarua between Ndundori and Ol Jororok for an uthoni.
On my way back from around 8:30pm,I followed the twisty road between Ndundori and Ol kalou. Driving on that road even in broad daylight is a hazard in itself. A few kilometers into the section, a car came out of a side road and stuck to my tail with full lights on. No matter how much I tried to shake him off, he was stuck behind me like I was towing him, if I sped off he did the same, I slow down he does the same. I signaled him both with indicators and hand signals to pass but he wasn’t interested. Finally fearing it could be thugs following me, I looked for a safe area and stopped completely on the side of the road and that’s when he finally passed. Why would any sane person do that? Those are the idiots on our roads who make other drivers cause accidents.

Una bahati kunyi haikuenda

I think ukishikwa drunk driving the police should confiscate ur car n auction it.

@Mkufuu this is very informative and hope many can learn and employ this while on our road

This is a very important thread!!!

Boss hiyo fikira yako ni mbovu sana. Will die a virgin those sides.

A quick look at the salvage kenya group or any other accident online forum and you’ll realise things are bad the number of cars with ejected air bags is worrying…alafu karibu zote ni ma KB… or KC…
it’s very hard upate the old motis in accidents…my paps told me there driving school used to take a whole month na bila hizo ma three point turn and stuff you couldn’t be given a pass…

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