Safaricon shares at Kshs. 23.50 - is this a good time to buy?


Buying the dip is nowadays catastrophic,

Ngoja itafika 17

Nunua mdogo mdogo don’t let that chance pass

Nita buy ikifika 3 bob pale ilianzia

Once in a while we do get resourceful threads humu

Ngoja kura ipite halafu angalia hio maneno ya ethiopia…halafu ile maneno ya ku ku separate mpesa from safcon.

Unajua share inaweza kuwa 3 bob and massively overpriced, ama 100 bob and extremely cheap??

It will keep on dropping until September. We can buy in August

Please elaborate.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Ukinunua Range Rover mpya 5 million na rafiki yako anunue Probox mpya 3 million, who got a better deal??

My point is, bei ya share pekee is not enough to make sound investment decisions. You must know how to value the company itself.

If msee wa Probox anatransport miraa/bhang and is being paid 50k daily, then the Probox is a better deal.

Wacha ujinga gathee. Mimi na wewe tuende Mombasa with 5M each. Nishike Range Rover na 5M, wewe ushike Probox na 3M from from an irrational dealer. Wewe ukifanya hiyo hesabu yako, mimi nalipia hiyo Range inaletwa Nairobi straight to a car dealership. I already know its market price ni 12M. Nikiiuza 10M inaenda haraka sana yet I will have doubled my money. Wewe ukilipa dealer you lose 2M instantly juu the next guy will only pay 1M max for that probox. That’s the difference between price and value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. I paid 5M (price) to get 10M (value). You paid 3M (price), to get 1M (value). I gained 5M instantly, you lost 2M instantly.

Why is your hypothetical situation valid but my premise invalid? Value is what you make of it, not what you paid. You chose to make 5m with your Range Rover resale and Probox guy decides to make 50k a day being a mule, who has better value on ROI?

You asked me a question, and I answered. You, as a shareholder, have no direct control of what the company does. Your only move is to buy or sell the stock. Kwa hivyo “value is what you make of it” argument is invalid in public markets.

itashuka mpaka kitu kaa 10 bob, wash this sbace

You didn’t answer. You posed a hypothetical query scenario; which I responded to hypothetically.

If Paul Ndungu thought “Your only move is to buy or sell the stock.” he would not have made money off KQ stock.

Your only move as a shareholder is buying or selling. Wewe as @wheelz have zero say about what the company will do because you have no controlling interest. Ukiuliza swali ujibiwe wacha siasa na ujuaji.

Sawa mkubwa.

We miss opportunities to learn, by believing we know it all.

Haitafika 10 bob. But endelea kungoja. Wale wajanja wananunua saa hizi.

Smart traders will tell you now is the right time to buy. Saa zingine sio lazima ungoje kitu ifike the lowest/highest price possible ndio upate profit ya maana.

If you keep waiting for the lowest/highest price possible to sell or buy, you will lose a lot of money because of greed.