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Safaricom Shenanigans Continue

I have worked with three separate Safaricom Premium Rate Service Providers (PRSP). These are companies that are registered by CAK/CCK to provide Tier 2, Tier 3 and BPO services to the populace. They can also register with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to provide premium services that issue short codes, bulk message and other such services.

I can state categorically that staff at Safaricom can, and usually do frustrate PRSPs that they either do not like, or those that are rising so fast. Requests eg for short codes go unanswered for weeks on end; Commissions take for ever to effect; Access to the PRSPs portal is revoked and/or suspended without cause; DLRs (Delivery Reports) are disputed without solid justification…

The biggest problem is; some of the Safaricom engineers have ownership and/or vested interests; and therefore collude with some PRSPs. They can for example dispute your DLRs and allocate them to some other PRSP who ends up getting the commissions that you should have gotten. The case of enrolling subscribers to Premium services without their consent is another example that has been cited in this forum before.

Before you become a PRSP you must sign an NDA with Safaricom and one of the clauses in the contract requires that you must not “tarnish” the “good” name of Safaricom. This is why most PRSPs suffer in silence.

Bob Con-Me-More needs to reign in his crooks!

Your headline is misleading. Safaricom doesn’t own any PRSP. PRSP are private companies owned by Kenyan’s who get licence from CAK that binds not only Safaricom but all mobile companies to use their network at a fee. PRSP take their licence to Safaricom/Airtel etc to negotiate revenue share, sign and agreement that they deposit with CAK.


The moment a PRSP is on-boarded to the Safaricom network, it; for all intents and purposes represents Safaricom. In any case, the headline is as ambiguous as was intended.

I would instead like to hear your opinion on the subject matter.

what the hell are you dudes talking about?

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No other company represents Safaricom but Safaricom alone. If they aggrieve you sue them they certainly have the money to pay. PRSP abuse mobile subscribers due to lack of policy guidelines from CAK. I suspect most of CAK staff own them. They randomly subscribe people to their service by just logging in numbers. In order to unsubscribe you are charged. If you don’t know you are subscribed then you incur charges on services you are not interested in. That’s how peoples airtime disappear. Safaricom launched a free service for its subscribers to verify if you are in any paying PRSP service 1005# and deactivate it. They also send you texts to remind you how many are active.

Recently our company used a PRSP for sending messages to our clients (kama ile ya Bank eg. Sender ID = KCB/CBA) to show where the message is coming from. After sending over 50,000 messages I get a message (i am also on the list) showing the Sender Id is “WhatsApp” ! The shock that I got knowing all clients are getting the same!

The PRSP was called and pointed a finger at Safaricon. All messages to Airtel were going using the right Sender Id.

Ubaya wa Safaricon, is they are still a parastatal. I tried getting to know who is in charge of PRSP and was told, “The whole department has gone to Mombasa for TEAM BUILDING”. NOW I KNOW WHY MY BROTHER’S FACEBOOK PAGE IMEJAA MOMBASA PICS.

@IsMundu tupatie advice! I need a good PRSP for 300,000 messages in a month


Nimetuma link. Na mimi ni wa Nyeri: ukininyima credit ama uniibie I will Equator your Lower Digits


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Who runs these thieving websites using PRSP services?

5-10 years ago this biz was good but since betting firms established themselves, all subscribers money shifted there leaving PRSP bare.

How do I get to be a PRSP @IsMundu ?

You first need to get licensed by CAK. They are often very rigorous at this stage and require a very detailed business plan. Kupenya huwa noma, but ukiwa na mtu anaku-guide, it’s all doable.

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The old CCK website had all the details. Can’t seem to find them. But here is something borrowed :

[INDENT][INDENT][I]The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) is the body charged with the regulation of the communications sector in Kenya.

Among its functions is the issuance of licences for activities centered around systems and services affecting the communications sector in Kenya.

Once an applicant has been licensed by the CCK, the CCK will monitor the activities of the licensee to ensure that the applicant complies with the licence terms and conditions as well as the law.

Who are Premium Rate Service Providers (PRSP’s)?

These are communications providers who provide services for purposes of information or entertainment.

The services are in the nature of a short message service (SMS) and they are more costly than the normal SMS.

The services range from downloads such as ringtone downloads, competitions, adult entertainment, directory inquiry services, TV vote lines among others.

How do they operate?

If you wish to apply for a Licence in order to provide services of this nature, you will need to approach a telecommunications operator who will provide you with a platform from which you can operate from.

The telecommunications operator is responsible for providing the facilities and the PRSP provider provides the content.

The PRSP Licence will be issued under the Content Service Provider (CSP) Licence issued by the CCK. This is the Licence that the PRSP will have to apply for in order to start its operations.

The telecommunications operator leases the lines to the PRSP provider, which in turn hires out the numbers to its customers.

Key point: The telecommunications operators are as a matter of law and practice required to provide PRSPs with a platform from which to operate.

The law and the role of CCK
The CCK is mandated by law to prescribe the terms and conditions which will govern licensees. The law further provides that the licenses which the CCK will grant shall contain an obligation that the telecommunications operator is required to provide services efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Take note: This provision is contained in section 10 of the Kenya Communications Regulations of 2001.

How does one obtain a licence from the CCK?

The law governing the process of obtaining a PRSP Licence is the Kenya Information and Communications (Licensing and Quality of Service) Regulations, 2010.

First as an Applicant you will need to fill in an application form Form CCK/F/LCS/TL 3.2 (Application for an electronic Communications Licence under the Unified Licensing Framework (ULF) ) addressed to the Director/Licensing, Compliance and Standards of the CCK. This form should be signed and should contain the name of your entity and the designation of the person who will sign the application form.

Key point: This is provided for under section 4 of the regulations

You should ensure the shareholding of the entity conforms to the prevailing communications sector policy as directed by the government sector policy.

You will then be required to submit the following documents together with the application and swear an affidavit submitting the following documents:
[li]Application fee of Ksh. 10,000;[/li][li]A detailed Business Plan for the proposed services;[/li][li]Copy of certificate of incorporation or registration documents (as the particular case may demand);[/li][li]An original CR12;[/li][li]Copy of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of the entity;[/li][li]Copy of valid tax compliance certificate;[/li][li]Copies of the ID or Passport for the directors and shareholders;[/li][li]Memorandum and Articles of Association;[/li][li]Two referees who know the applicant in a professional capacity; [/li][li]Registration or Identification documents prescribed by the Commission;[/li][li]Contact address;[/li][li]Where applicable, information relating to the previous experience in the management of the proposed system or the provision of the services for which a Licence is sought; and[/li][li]Any other information that the Commission may require.[/li][/ul]
You will then submit the Application and the documents to the CCK who will examine the application and the Business Plan.

Key point: The Business Plan is very crucial and you must ensure that it adheres to the set guidelines as provided for under the Business Plan Guideline in the application form.

Once the CCK is satisfied that your application has complied with the requirements under these Regulations, it will then issue you with a letter of licence offer which states the money payable before the licence is issued. This money payable is the operational fee. The letter of offer is valid for a period of six (6) months.

Take note: the operational fees can be paid on a pro-rata basis, the amount payable per month depending on the month of issue of licence offer.

The practice is that you will have to wait for a period of roughly 4& 1/2 months before being issued with a Licence offer.

Key point: Once you have successfully paid the operational fee, CCK will issue you with a Licence.The Licence should be put into operation within twelve (12) months of issuance of the Licence.

Fees applicable

You will pay fees in a 3 step process:
[li]Application fee of Ksh. 10,000 paid when submitting the application form;[/li][li]Initial fee (operational fees) of Ksh. 100,000 paid after the CCK has approved the application and before the CCK issues the Licence to you; and[/li][li]An annual Licence Fee which is 0.5% of the annual turnover or Ksh. 100,000. The amount which is higher is the one which will be payable by 1st July of every year .[/li][/ul]
Contents of the CSP Licence

It gives the PRSP the authority to establish and provide electronic content services

Usually granted for a period of 15 years after which it is to be renewed

The Licence provides that the content services provided by the PRSP will be accessed through the licensed facilities of a Network Facilities Provider (NFP) and Application Service Provider (ASP), as the case may require.

Key point: it is important that as a Licensee that you comply with the Licence terms.

Particularly, you should:
[li]not abuse the use of the Licence by offering services considered undesirable to the public;[/li][li]not share the promotional services with a person who has not signed up for them; [/li][li]share the details of charges, terms and conditions governing the service;[/li][li]state clearly all charges for the all promotions;[/li][li]comply with the numbering plan given by the Commission and utilise it accordingly;[/li][li]allow the Commission to inspect the premises as per the provisions of the Licence; [/li][li]Share with the Commission the billing system that you will use so that the Commission approves of it before operations can begin; and[/li][li]maintain confidentiality of proprietory information and business secrets.[/li][/ul]
[I] Key point: It is crucial that you first obtain a licence before providing services of a premium nature available under a PRSP licence. The Regulations provide that it is an offence for a person to provide services of such a nature if not issued with a licence by the CCK.
Telecommunication operators will require that the applicant for the PRSP Licence first obtain the Licence before entering into a partnership with the applicant.

The telecommunication operator will then require the following from the applicant:
[li]A certified copy of the following documents; PRSP Licence issued by the CCK, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and VAT certificate. [/li][li]Form CR12 from the Registrar of Companies which should not be over a month old and the physical and postal address of the company. [/li][li]The telecommunications operator will then into into a partnership agreement with the PRSP[/li][/ul]

Take note that where promotions are concerned, the Betting Control and Licensing Board monitors the activities to ensure they comply with the law.


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Mkiwekewa full story: WTF; mkipewa link: Anti-click… Sasa mnataka nifanye nini wajameni. Ngai! - UK

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Wtf is prsp

Premier Rate Service Providers - hizo SMS 22255 etc or call 0900100100