Safaricon expands 5g coverage.


Problem is how they eat those bundles.

No, they don’t.
The only way “bundles are eaten” is due to auto quality selection. If you go to YouTube with a 30Mbps connection, chances they’ll serve you 1080p60 video instead of 720p or 1080p.

Even YouTube stopped choosing 1440p or 2160p automatically for people. It costs them too much.

Instagram, Twitter will load all the posts (including the ones you haven’t scrolled to get) in the highest quality possible.

This includes websites with embeds (heavy JavaScript content or html5 interactive garbage or video). The video just preloads in the highest quality fully.

You have a point there but I wonder why 5gb from Faiba or Telkom lasts longer than 5gb from Safaricom, yet an average user is mostly either on Facebook, twirra, Ktok or TikTok…

Tumia Ubuntu, Windows updates every time.

Amekupatia explanation takatifu bado hujarada. Its about the speed. The faster the speed, the faster the consumption. 5GB from Faiba is depldted slowly because inakua loaded slowly. the reverse is true for Safaricom

5kgs of feathers and 5kgs of steel nails… Which is heavier?

Vs… Which is bulky…

I think he’s arguing properly. Telcos also do a mischievous fraud called throttling, don’t they?