Safaricon didn't invent " please call me"

There is no such claim from Safaricom.

Are you their lawyer

All Safcom does is crawl the websites, or visit different countries where they look at foreign Telcos marketing strategies, then come home and implement, then claim innovation. We go ahead and sing @Ndindu song that Micheal Joseph is the Telcos Jesus. Good thing for them is that they can finance their growth, For instance, they dropped their shady made ads (granny nimeshinda ad) for proper paid for orchestra themed ads, to show prosperity.

They’ve copied so much from “Vodafone” their mother company, such as product placing, innovation and financing strategies.
Some strategies are home grown though, and can be defined discriminatory at best.
If you load and spend KSh 50 per day, and another person loads and spends KSh 1000 per day, on actual Safaricom products like airtime, Voice, SmS and Internet, they will get totally different services, one being priority the other given common services. If they both try calling Safcom customer care, one is likely to get an agent in less than 2 minutes, while the one will be out in a queue for over 30 minutes.

All products and services at Safaricom together with the platforms they run on have been sold to them by Huawei

He can’t prove the the words are his invention. Words existed even before he was born

You are slow