SafariCON Are Fleecing Kenyans Through M-Kopa

They are selling the Samsung A11 through hire purchase for a total of Ksh 26,400 over a period of 365 days. Here is the breakdown

[B]Deposit Down payment Ksh 4,500
Pay Ksh 60 for 365 Days

Total Ksh 26,400[/B]


Are they forcing people to sign up the deal ?

Are they forcing people to sign up for the deal ?

Its not fleecing per se. Some one who acquires goods on a 30 day credit period wont pay same value as someone who pays in cash or someone who pays after 60 days.

Risk has been factored among other things.

Ulipie hire purchase and u end up paying the exact buying price? Hata mortgage haiwork ivyo,nyumba ya 5m utalipia double after end of your loan perion. Take a substancial bank loan then come back here ukimaliza kuilipa

Safaricom ni mpesa tu… Anything else bounce na hata mpesa ni very expensive

Beggars aint choosers this is not Chipotle remember they are in Business.

Yaani unalipia phone na hire purchase? Afadhali nilipie ngombe na hire purchase .

Willing seller , willing buyer.

ukichukua leo then kesho @johntez addi gaza msafi ama @snapdragon apite nayo?

na internet ya xhamster

Hii ingekua comment ya mtu mwingine ungekua hapa umejaza “subsaharan chieth”


you are a sabina joy cunt

You are worse; tea room cunt

Phones lose value just a day after release and some niggas wanapia mwaka mzima:D:D the poor and the search for status

Tech gurus kujeni hapa… what will will happen if i give those fellows a ‘real fake’ ID and then a flash a new ROM into the phone …wanaeza track hivo na wanipate kweli??

Kwanza imeraidiwa a few minutes ago

Wajinga ndio waliwao

C’est la vie… kila mtu apambane na hali yake

You will need to flash NV (Non Volatile) Rom and change the IMEI and the serial number