Basically Safaricom operates under the business model that say you buy Ilara Yoghurt today. You put it in the fridge and totally forgot about it until it’s expiry date. Following Safaricom’s line of thought you will be expected to return the Yoghurt to the shop you bought it from and expect no refund whatsoever.

Please explain to me like a 5 year old how Internet bundles i bought with my own money could be deemed “expired” which gives Safaricom the right to basically take it back.Hizi Jinga zimeanza siku na kisirani. Meffi wao.

safaricom ni ya wakenya si wasomali , ya mkenya haiwezi expire hivo

Have you been living under a rock?? It has been like that since 1937

Unataka wakupatie 10MB ukae nayo mapaka ukufe upass down to your children?

Blah blah blah Somali’s actually tried to secede from Kenya during the shifta wars but you just couldn’t let us go. Sasa ni Kelele tu Somali this Somali that. Mbwa wewe.

You don’t complain then do nothing about it, you complain and act, in your case by taking a walk to the next service provider?
Is your device locked to the Safaricom network?

When these bundles were introduced, I remember they were expiring but they were still in your account until the next time you will buy a new bundle. This will have the old bundle reactivated in addition you get the bundle you bought. Then came Bob Collymore… :mad:

Its seems you don’t understand the concept of data bundles.
You don’t own any bundles,
when you pay for e.g 500 bob 2gb for one month
What you are basically getting is access to the internet through their network where you can use a maximum bandwidth of 2Gbs

Now to make it easier for laymen to understand,you are told your “data bundle” balance is xx.00mbs

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Acha ungati nunua bundles kijana.

Safaricom ni weffi.

Safaricom huwa wanapeleka wapi faida ya okoa jahazi? Serikali maoni yao no nini kuhusu Safaricom kujihusisha na biashara ya Shylock in the name of okoa jahazi?

U have a good point but i think they think in the line of perishable goods…ukinunua maziwa fresh ukose kuitumia within a day or 2 iyo unamwaga…their equivalent of refrigeration is renewing the nearly-expiring bundle even with a 10bob bundle to extend “shelf life”. I think they foresaw lawsuits long time ago ndio wakaleta ii maneno ya renewing with any other bundle…

bundles expire in 2036

What do you do with the yogurt when it expires? You throw it away. Safcom does not repossess the bandwidth because they can’t be repossessed as explained by @mbeshar up there. Safcom just throws away the bundles on your behalf just as the seller of the yogurt would do if you took him expired yogurt a month later.

“Terms & Conditions apply” have you ever read that?

Hao washenzi wanaotetea safaricom kwani wanafanyavhuko?weffi hao