It’s bullshit. If his workmates can testify that the guy was at his workplace all night, the stupid cops will not get anywhere with their allegations. Kama he really was at his workplace, just ask him to stick to his story, it’s even possible that the cops are making up that bs to test him.

Hakuna mtu anaweza anzisha biashara ya kutrack and recover simu Kenya hii? Seems one of the few very lucrative business remaining after debt collecting

@pamba uko kwa ofisi leo, you are not nursing hang overs hii asubuhi

Kuna wakati nilikua natafta mtapeli alicon pesa. Was introduced to a guy ule hu track watu.
Let me tell you few things.

  1. Kutrack simu, Safaricom, you send a sms, details being the phone number being tracked. You will receive a sms back showing where the last communication happened.
  2. It is advisable before you track, you call. It will give you a up to date info.
  3. Kaa uko place hakuna network, your phone automatically will search for other mast boosters. Thus kuna possibilities of different answers.
  4. Tracking with a phone is not the ultimate finder. Kuna getting data transcript from safaricom which is the most detailed and more precise.
  5. Incredibly you can’t track a airtel number with a phone, you have to request for data from airtel in Nairobi.

From your message, it seem your bro alikua place iko shida ya network sana thus simu ilikua inatafta network all the time. It seems the cops already wakona data from safaricom if they say alikua anaonekana place nyingi.

Solution ongea vizuri na makarao don’t try to show you know alot juu in a court of law, technology, DNA and fingerprints evidence supersedes oral submission. Utasema ulikua ofisi technology proves you were moving around kujitoa itakua ngumu

I just googled cell networks.

How accurate are these Base Stations in locating a device? Do they give an accuracy parameter like GPS?

Nefer ever,if you lodge a complaint it might cost me a leg.

Inatoa last seen loc.

Alafu these locations they give, how do they get the names?

Bro huyo anadanganya hajatoka coast no halipi Deni.

Afande ulitoka kimilili?

This is probably the best answer

@whip amekosea ama zii!?

Kwani ni ile fala ya SGR ilishikwa na CID juzi??

Wochman mbwa

@sludgist uwewaikunywa busaa na tube ya Bic biro pen?

Uliza @Chloe…meffi

hiyo kashimo ya hapo kando haiharibu hydraulics?

The fag is a retard…unless uInstall pump kwa mdomo

unaeka kidole kwa iyo shimo alafu unasuck ama namna gani @sludgist?