Now that Ktalk has experts in every field, I would like to know how safaricom traces your phone and whether its possible to be in one location and when your phone is searched it says you’re in different locations at different times?

In my bro’s place there’s a robbery and he happened to be sleeping at the work place, the police are saying he didn’t sleep there he was seen moving from place to place that night, that’s from the phone records they have. The places happen to be the ones surrounding his work place which has poor network

Is he a suspect?

Any service provider can track their users through their Base Stations (BS). The Base Station has a Mobile Switching Center which comprises of Home Location Register (HLR), Visitor Location Register (VLR), Equipment Identity Register (EIR) and authentication register (AuC).
All this equipment will help the service provider in tracking your phone.

One can also confuse the service provider by switching of the stolen phone and move distances from the the home BS and use it a new location. You can do this repeatedly. Though this can only be done perfectly on 2G.
3G and LTE has VLR which stores your temporary info. You can also confuse them but in a different way.

All mobile phones transmit location data after a certain time to the base station.

The police say so coz his location data says he was not at the work place, but everyone from the watchman know he spent his night there!

He could gave been there but his phone wasn’t .
Was he deliberately trying to create an alibi?

he had his phone with him, the places they allege he was are the ones surrounding the works places, an approx of four kilometres

hata hakutoka kununua tu-chipo, kachai hivi?

Assuming work place iko kwenye mast iko F4 ni rahisi sana akitembea kidogo tu phone yake iwe registered kwa F1, 2 or 3 which fit the description of “within 4 km radius” especially in urban areas where the density of BTSes is higher.

Angewacha simu on kwa ofisi aende akaibe

Uliza uncle gugu…kuna hadi apps

Thanken Mwalimu gashui, niliwa nataka jibu kama hili

first thing first ,why is he a suspect kwani yeye ndiye ali use a phone kwa hio 4 kms radius hiyo siku?there is something you’re hiding

Thanks Mwalimu gashui, obviously lazma alimake movements, uko na link yenye naeza pata more of such info tafasari. Lazma makarao tuwajulishe hawajui

you cannot be a suspect because of your phone location… twambie vizuri chenye aliiba tukwambie ataenda miaka ngapi?

not at all, as worker who sleeps at the work place he had to record a statement right? From his statement he spent the night at the work place but from phone data it says he was made movements to different places!

Tuma no yako inbox nitaweka mahali uko saa hii .

nmetuma check dm

The BS will show it was a handover process. The suspect should say if he was out for sometime which can be confirmed by the MSC.

Vile nimekujibu huko

Unatulia mpaka watumie mobile infomation kama evidence alafu mnajitoa kirahisi. Pia kama kuna witnesses uzito uko kwenu.