Safaricom waisi waisi wakubwa sana!!! All in one bundle rant

I am a moderate internet user considering that am all over the place and as such over the last several months I subscribe to the 2k bundle that gives me 12gb internet 600 mins 6gb whatsapp(which is useless and expires anyway ie you can’t use to watch or download whatsapp videos once the regular one is depleted I wonder who would text and exhaust 6gb anyway story for another day) and 2000 messages which 8 don’t even get past 1989!!!

0ver time I had accumulated 18gb youtube and over 900 minutes plus pocket change ya 1.8gb data so jana nikapata msg that my package is about to expire and I should top up and incase nichelewe I can recover them so long as I top up within 7 days!!! To cut the story short saasita usiku nikanyongwa kutop up narudishiwa only 1.8gb zenye zitatatumika tu once the fresh one is exhausted!!! Any sane business practice would dictate that I first be allowed to utilize the 1.8 before embarking on the 12 gb but nop safmavicom wana Sema niharakishe kutumia 12gb no nianze 1.8gb what kind of bulshit is this??? Na wamenyonga 6gb ya youtube that used to come in previous month to 2gb!!!

Hii concept ya expiry of bundles ilitokea wapi??? Hope ile kesi ya kafogo iende thru!!! Chieth

Fuck safaricom… Birrioneas hit next thread feeling like crushing something

I joined airtel 4G and so far no regrets.

The whatsapp bundles only works if you are in 3G

Mahali niko only the stupid fucks ndo wako na good network coverage

Line ya safaricom is strictly for mpesa… tulihama kitambo.

When they began the ###GB + WhatsApp bullshittery I have never purchased a more than 100MB bundle from Saf. Between Faiba and Orange 4G I am all good.

What is anyone supposed to do with all that WhatsApp data?

Even airtel bundles offer make no sense.
Try faiba

Msee usiwahi kosa bundles ati utatuma hizo na 3gb shit hata message plain text inachukua eons to go through

Niko kwa mbugua where I pay 1k for 25gb monthly bundle. I use it all day and stream Netflix when I get home.
In most cases the bundles don’t get exhausted…
Average download speeds: 4-5 Mbps.

Airtel is the way to go. I heeded Raila’s call to boycott Safaricon. I didn’t boycott it completely because I still need mpesa but I’m not buying airtime and data from safcom unless niko huko Rumuruti where Airtel network haifiki…
Quote below is from standard today

"Airtel Networks recorded the highest number of minutes per on-net call at 3.5 minutes, whereas Mobile Pay recorded the highest off-net minutes per call at two minutes. Safaricom recorded the least average number of minutes per call for both on-net and off-net at 1.2 and 0.6 minutes respectively.”[/

I buy Telkom’s 333 minute voice bundle for 500 bob. That comes to about 1.50 shs per minute to any network, and is valid for 45 days. You can also renew it if it expires before the 45 day mark. I then buy the 100 shs SMS bundle on my safaricom line in case I have to text anyone on that line. For internet I always have wi-fi. That covers all my communication needs. I just don’t understand why Safaricom charges 4.3 bob per minute for calls when Telkom offers me 1.50 to any network.

I and most of my family and friends have Airtel lines. This works well for me because I buy Tubonge monthly plan for 150/= and that gives me 100 minutes everyday Airtel to Airtel. I am never rushed to conclude a conversation on my Airtel line which is how it should be

The day these mobile telecoms will allow us to migrate with our numbers to a rival company will be the end of safcom.

Huku ni wapi mdau, tuhamie huko

Hopefully Telkom’s merger with Airtel will lead to better services, especially a stronger network. Most people who drop Safaricom have to go back because of network issues. I hope my namesake Mugo Kibati will be retained as CEO of the merged entity, he has a track record of getting things done.

Hazard buying a signal repeater.

that is already available isn’t it? airtel had a big campaign when this was launched by CAK. didn’t work for them.

Enyewe kuna sides only safaricom has good northern kenya…itabidi utii

Safaricom ni wezi

I use the daily Telkom 2GB day and 2GB night @ 100 Bob per day which is more than enough for my daily internet needs. Asante kunichanua about the 1.50 per minute on Telkom