Safaricom vs Jumia

naona safaricom wameamua kucompete na Jumia.

Let’s see how they’ll manage, but they still got a long way to go compared to Jumia or Avechi. Oh I almost forgot, tuliona tukichat through drum beatings



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Hata mimi nakumbuka hizo days za kutumiana messo na drum beatings. Kwanza hiyo day tuliona hii story @Doltress alinitumia nudes na smoke signals


Ayayayayaya, sisi ilikua combination, horn blowing, smoke signal na messenger. Ukiblow blow horn, umetuma message, ukiona smoke in a distance message ishakua received, alafu messenger anakam kuconfirm kama message itakua blue ticked ama upate reply


Niliwahi tumiwa messo na mnguna through messenger. Huyo jamaa njiani akafika base ya ajua na akaanza kucheza. Kufika kwangu amesahau messo. Sijui hiyo ndiyo hii feature mpya ya whatsapp ya recall message where unatumiwa messo halafu unaona iko deleted


he he

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Point noted

Naah, check his internet connection, the message may be stuck somewhere between his oblongata and throat, either way his connection/receivers are to blame.

The day our village ceased to be no more! :mad: just because you’re always too horny:( :smiley: :smiley: and you just put out my nudes here for everyone :mad: :mad: have you been posting my nudes in uwes’ telegram group too???

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bae I swear I don’t even know what Telegram is. Your nudes are for my eyes only. Just wanted to show how great your ass looks in your Bordelle Kizette briefs ;):wink:

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hehehe huyu anajua Kutumia AR

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