Safaricom upgrade logo


this happens every time they change the CEO.

Niliona ghaseer zikieka hii kitu kwa whatsapp status nikashangaa kama ni zile secret nonsense madem hupost chochio media.


Management 101 = “Rebranding” is the easiest way to “EAT” right after “Construction or Refurbishing of building” projects … Ask NYS, KQ, Kenya Power etc etc…

Rebranding = Vehicles, Stationary, T-Shirts Advertisements adinfinitum lazima…:smiley:

Ugly AF.

Iko mbaya

The fck’s this?

this is not rebranding or change of their logo…
they are celebrating 20yrs of safaricom… those logos were for different letters

Niliona kwa mbali nikadhani ni advert toothpaste

Hii ni logo ya Illuminati. It has three Ss. For Six six six. 666


those positions are actually internally political. Lazma upige siasa amaurushwe inje.