safaricom shares

what has led to the massive decline in the price of safaricom shares…there was a time the share was trading at 32 shillings kwanza hiyo election period and now after the handshake mambo yametulia it is trading at ksh 24…is it the the low price wars from their competitors ama ni ili boycott ya baba iliwaafect?..i had anticipated that the price would hit ksh 40 at end of year but inakaa nikungumu

Unatumiwa dividends kwa mpesa zinakaa airtime.

imagine kupata divided ya 250 bana

Hehe hii yako nayo ni kidogo sana

Bear market.

Institutional investors are selling. Most counters are on a free fall.

before I display my ignorance what makes shares to go up or down?

safaricom is a grown company. its shares cannot be rallying full time. There is a reason wealthy people invest in start ups. If most people were asked, they would say that bill gates should have continuously bought shares in microsoft and kept himself the biggest and controlling shareholder, but that is pointless and even dangerous. unless you are a career stock trader, invest in small start up businesses. grown giant companies will just fuck your money up.

I guess it’s a good time to buy

Are you suggesting we buy now. And wait to cash in bull market.

Excise duty manenos

It depends on what prices YOU consider a bargain.

saaasa mukinunua shares tau tatu munataka bob korimoo akule nini?:D:D:D:D

a bunch of idlers called ‘speculators’…google the rest

Such investment will benefit your grandchild, lazima mabwenyenye wakule,watoto wao wakiwazika baaaasi my be tutafaidika !