Safaricom’s NFC Powered M-Pesa 1 Tap Payments Solution

Safaricom has finally rolled the curtains on its new product, M-Pesa 1 Tap. The solution, as its name suggests, is a Tap and Go payment method that should enhance the monetary settlement of services and products for M-Pesa customers.

Payments are done using Card, Wrist Band and Near Field Communication (NFC) Badge. The enhancement of customer experience has been motivated by the need to roll out applicable solutions to complement its array of services that are M-Pesa based, including, mshwari, its ever-improving mySafaricom App and lipa na mpesa
The pilot for this service has been on going, having started as an internal program where 1500 of Safaricom employees participated by paying for meals at the telco’s café using an NFC-enabled Card. Deductions are made from M-Pesa accounts after tapping the card at checkout terminals.

[ATTACH=full]99024[/ATTACH] Further tests have been under way with the rolling of 500,000 Point of Sale (POS) system and merchant recruitment that is still taking place. Nakuru was the first town that will enjoy the goodies of M-Pesa 1 Tap, and users benefit by paying for good and services at outlets with POS systems in a seamless manner that is devoid of USSDs and navigating through menus. So far, M-Pesa 1 Tap already has over 13,000 customers who were signed up within a week in Nakuru.

Moreover, M-Pesa 1 Tap will ensure merchants at the grassroots are paid via Lipa na Mpesa.

Payment has been simplified because you will only need to have a Card or the NFC sticker on your phone or the Wrist Band. It is also allowed to have all of these options, just in case but any choice will be fine. Then, the Tap and Go is completed by tapping on the POS machine, after which you will be prompted to enter your M-Pesa PIN (not service PIN) on your phone to complete the payment.

I wonder what took them too long to launch it yet the technology has been here for years. This is the beginning of the end for swiping.

Transaction cost itakuwa ni ngapi? Same Kama za paybill

Hii NFC payments niliona japan video topics KBC mid 90’s

Mpesa 1 Tap card, wristband and sticker are all basically NFC tags to ensure any phone can connect the NFC point of sale device to the SIM tool-kit. That’s it, beyond that they are all dumb. Anyone who thought this an opportunity to start wearing a fitness tracker will be disappointed. The only thing that is powered is the POS which is like a dumb phone with cellular network connectivity, keys for sign ups and payments processing and NFC on the back.

NFC phones don’t have any advantage here, so return those to your pockets and sit in the queue. As far as Mpesa 1 Tap, we are all equal. Not even Mpesa service PIN which is a preserve of smartphones, the POS pushes a request for your Mpesa PIN for payment confirmation.

On the POS screen you have the Mpesa transaction confirmation and a hashed out phone number, you also get the usual Mpesa confirmation code.

Am thinking about matatus

Its was launched a few years back safcom, equity etc but vandalized by the crews, waliona kazi yao ya kukula itaisha na Nani atalipa watu wa squad, cops and cartel.

umenirudisha way way back to the osdschool. And today being TBT, acha tu. Sanda sana

Acknowledge the source yawa.

so no need ya sijui mpesa pin .till number.
so ukiibiwa simu na iko na hio stuff mtu anaeza settle bills na mpesa yako ata before upigie customer care


Anyone who has a clue or knows bout cyber money you know you can’t expose your mpesa wallet to NFC. There is a reason we have never heard safaricom mpesa services being hacked and money lost. There is a reason why we have moved to chip and pin for electronic miney services

Wapunguze bei ya bundles

atahitaji kukuibia mpaka pin. Mwivi MkuMBWA wewe

Hiyo kipindi ulikuwa unoana vitu futuristic vitu zinahit market saa hii.

They need to reduce transaction charges first.

budangu angehata hii progi. mimi nilikuwa naiangalia kama movie, sishikanishi any. Nimeona that screen grab and memories came flooding back.

So the service does not take advantage of inbuilt NFC chips in phones? If you still have to put that ugly sticker on your phone then no thank you

As far as i know when making payments using nfc you reqiure a PIN or use the fingerprint sensor if your phone has one. So a thief wont just be able to get access to your mpesa account

that was bound to fail from the word go!