Safaricom Postpaid Customer Service

Customer care number 200 is down… Currently experiencing a technical hitch.

Safaricom has lately been hit by so many downtimes, one may mistake its identity with the Jubilee Fumblement.

niaje bingwa.

bingwa unasumbua

Safcom wamekumulika siku mingi. Unasumbua mpaka kwa safcom

Pay your bloody bills stop blaming a system for your lack of service. Swara wewe!

@Bingwa Scrotum Welcome back… Did @admin Miguna miguna you? you have been MIA :D:D:D

@Bingwa Scrotum Na hapo home butchery kula pork dry fry kwa bill yangu… Post till number.

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Miraa imeharibu mtambo