Safaricom Parasites

Safaricom have invested nothing in Kenya. Mpesa runs on our shops, our own float, our own money.

The hundreds of thousands of mpesa shops bringing in billions of shillings in revenue and profits to safaricom have no single coin invested into them by safaricom.

Remove safaricom and Mobile money from kenya and life will continue as Normal.

Remove mikokoteni from Nairobi and commercial activities in the city will collapse within a few days.

What is investment

Thats NOT a very clever statement.

Most of the money that safari-con generates goes to wazungu overseas. However, it can’t fail to be noted that many people are employed by mpesa as agents while others sell calling cards for a living. With a few working for the multinational as direct employees.

those employed as agents are not financed by safaricom, they are the donkeys safaricom rides on towards its billions of profits

True. The work they do is not proportional to the profits generated

Many countries which value their own citizens have rejected Mpesa.

Mpesa is for poor backward countries like Afghanistan and India and Lesotho and Mozambique.

Country za mzungu kwenye Vodafone huoperate haziruhusu io utapeli ya mpesa

Pia wanatukamua vibaya through Fuliza na Mshwari

Our shareholding structure changed during the year and is currently comprised of the Government of Kenya (35 per cent), Vodacom (35 per cent), Vodafone (5 per cent) and free float (25 per cent).

Personally I have no complaints because it satisfies a need

Until ile siku safaricom itakua imeingia hadi bedroom ya economy yetu, we start saying…“safaricom is too important for kenya to be let to collapse, we must injest taxpayers money otherwise its failure will have negative effects on our economy…” 20 years from today safaricom itakuwa mwiba kwa maisha yetu kama wakenya