Safaricom Mpesa App


Nimejaribu ku withdraw pesa kwa agent using the Mpesa App naambiwa I install my Saf sim-card.

kwa simu Safaricom ni 2nd sim.

Does it mean that lazima niweke saf the 1st sim to withdraw money from an agent using the Mpesa App[ATTACH=full]373584[/ATTACH]

Yes. And your Internet, change it to Saf’s. But iyo app mi huonanga iko very problematic. I prefer the mySafaricom App. The only reason why I use the app is to remind @Thiem just how a peasant he is

Unazusha na unawithdraw chwani

Malaya, enda nyonya kinembe ya siafu. This is an hallowed section we do not entertain mediocrity.

I used to have the same issue coz I dont use saf data. There’s the offline option on the same app. Don’t let them force you to make saf your primary line.

For offlinw you need Saf sim too


Jimit the peasant

Thiem ata kunitag unaogopa. Kwani ulikua serious??

That was not in contention. You registered for mpesa with their sim. The issue is where you are using data from another provider and you try to transact with the new mpesa app.

Yep the new app gives me hell when using telkom while trying to withdraw or make payments… suxxs.

yeah… the my Safaricom App works

You are so slow today

Just today I used the app to make some transactions using telkom data. There was some time I couldn’t log in to the app but after some recent update that ended


Nani ame-edit title ya thread? ilikuwa suffering-com sasa naona ni Safaricom…

kwani mko kwa payroll ya Ndegwa??


nimesikia this app does not require mpesa pin to complete a transaction

true ?

Endelea kusikia mdau! How now?

Yeah uses your biometrics

siwezipea an app such trust

Mimi those thieves from suffericon have been baiting me with free 500 mb data, too download that shitty app. Nimekataa sitaki. I have moved from slavery to freedom. Mpesa I use STK.