Safaricom jokers.

Valid for one day. Watu wa kunyemelea net ya office kujeni.

Ata ile airtime ya jamhuri day ilikuwa ya one day…never bothered with it at all

two actually

watu wa movies wapeane links. uweskimwi na @Deorro Pamela ako sorted.

enda parent directories utazipata

Peasants everywhere. Sasa a few hundred mbs si ni movie moja tu? Na hata si 1080p. Waru tuko na wifi kwa keja hatujui bundles ni nini

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Check these out. A few domains may have changed, apologies in advance:

A download manager such as FDM, IDM or DAM is required to download.


Dear Customer,Safaricom has awarded you FREE 1100.000 MB data expiry 15/12/2016 11:59PM #HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs

Sasa mtu,ama download which app[ATTACH=full]72779[/ATTACH]

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First one. My Safaricom.


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Not available for Windows Phone users.

getting the same umeffi

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…hehehe, I have tried more than 20 times but finally wamenipa. I think their servers are on overdrive mode.

This place is teeming with very broke people.


Option ya kuredeem iko?

Sasa tupatieni majina za documentary mzuri za kudownload

Wewe ushapewa angalia text zako they are coming automatically the moment you click that thing

Arimis sales Graph