Safaricom is ruthless giant

After successful pilot program by Mawingu Hotspot in some areas around the country. They are now rolling out their hot spot internet service to other parts.

Safaricom is ready to kick them out. They is now is offering 150Mb for Ksh 19 for 1 hour beating Mawingu offers. Lets wait and see how long Mawingu will survive.

“They is now is offering 150Mb for Ksh 19 for 1 hour beating”
Waah. Eti?


That power bundle by Safaricom has been there for quite a while. I don’t think it’s a result of whatever Mawingu is offering.

Safaricom has introduced a service where you can reverse money sent to another person in error. Simply send the wrong M-PESA transaction… Simply send the wrong M-PESA transaction message to 456

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they have reversed around ksh 56m since we saw this


slow news day…

The power bundle came to be as soon as the Blaze tariff landed, nothing really that economical considering it’s “here’s 150mbs, you got 60 minutes…”

Hio mawingu nimeiona nanyuki sana. Ni ya nani??

I normally use that power bundle nikiwa in a remote place and I need to watch Manchester United. Buy 2 power bundles each half and you will watch an uninterrupted football stream.


Mvua kubwa sana

Telkom tumia ten bob nunua lowest bundle unapewa 1GB extra every 24 hrs provided you use 4g only.

Airtel modem bundle ikiisha wanareduce speed ,huachwi ukikauka .

suffericon only for calls and mpesa


safaricom story yao nilikwachaaaaa…line ni ya mpesa tu


How??? This power bundle thing is the most useless promo ever. Dsnt last those mins

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Hiyo ya Telkom ni uwongo kabisa. They only give you the 50 MB free from 6 - 8 am. 1 GB has never worked for me

Pia mimi ni mwanchester lakini hapa unatuingiza.


Either You dont have 4g enabled sim card or phone,not subscribed to 4g4free ,not in a 4g area. you also have to force 4g in your phone settings, if your device don’t have this setting there are some apps that can do this

I have done all of the above, including calling customer care to complain, but nothing has ever worked

hapo sijui vile utasaidika labda ujaribu a new sim card , mine works.