Safaricom home fibre

Just found this flyer on my compound


I think they cover my area. I’ve read that they provide the router for free even installation is free, I’m having a hard time believing that, any hidden charges? I think @Deorro uses this service, kam kiasi, unatumianga package gani? Naona hio 5mbps for 2500ksh sio mbaya.

But haina hio “unlimited internet usage”, so ni limited ama?


Natumia hiyo ya 5Mbps na ni unlimited. Works like a charm and never had any complains

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Been using it for about 3 months. Was in Zuku before. No complaints so far. It’s unlimited and less downtime than Zuku.


Mtaa gani?

Amini usiamini it is true.

I have been using Safaricom Fiber for a while. Amazing! No downtime and chiet.

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I’m on the 20MBPS one na iko poa kiasi…

What do you do with 5mbps internet speed? Can you even stream live online channels and movies? I would like to hear from someone who is using the 40mbps one to know if you really get your money’s worth.

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Coomer meffi…bado hao watu hawajafika huku kwetu

What do you expect? Ni macoomer tu kama wewe.


Kombamwiko mchafu…kumbafu.

I’m on 20 and I stream almost everything since I stopped paying for dstv. If 20 works just fine,I can vouch for 40:)

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Nice marketing strategy Leonard. Now that we have that out of the way, can you connect in Kangemi?


Hehehe, mi sio Leonard. Ivo ndivo nine pata hio flyer

Are you certain you are on 20?

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Why don’t you come over for lunch, during the weekend… Carry your laptop with you? I will save you a week’s trip to the movie shop outside your gate


Do a little research. Youll realize @milvoski = @DeliciousShiko


Vile umeinsist akuje na laptop, naona jamaa akituletea hekaya mwoto next week


Your doltishness is on an all time high. I’ll carry my secateurs to prune that bush.

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